Malaysian Nyonya Desserts at KLCC

A trip to Kuala Lumpur to me is incomplete without a visit to Suria KLCC in the Petronas Twin Towers. It’s one of the most famous shopping destinations in Malaysia, as it is home to extensive choices of international shops such as Marks & Spencer and Isetan.

Another reason why KLCC is well-loved by both tourists and locals alike is the selection of food available, all under one roof! New Zealand ice cream, British high tea (two words: Harrods Café), Malaysian food and all sorts of cuisines are available.

Nyonya food is one of my most favourite Asian cuisines, and I always look forward to Nyonya and other Southeast Asian desserts (known as kuih) whenever I’m in Malaysia. There’s almost always a bee line at Nyonya Colors (just like the other shops on the lower ground level).

Nyonya Colors 1Nyonya Colors 2

My favourite sweet out of the bunch is kuih dadar, which is a concoction of desiccated coconut and gula melaka (palm sugar) that’s wrapped in a soft, green pandan crepe.

Nyonya Colors 3
Kuih Dadar

Southeast Asian sweets possess different spectrums of flavours and textures compared to western ones. These colourful desserts are pretty too – which makes them very appetizing for both the eyes and stomach!

If you’re travelling around Malaysia (and Singapore), an opportunity to taste Nyonya sweets is unmissable.


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