Sandwiches at McCafe in Singapore

Whenever I visit McDonald’s, I usually opt for the fast food chain’s regular menu – the classics such as the McChicken and McNuggets are some of my common orders. This time, however, I decided to order lunch from McCafe instead.

McCafe is McDonald’s café, with a menu that’s quite comparable to the ones at regular cafes. McCafes are available at McDonald’s outlets, and they’re usually located at a corner or at the side, near to the main ordering area for fast food. They don’t exude the typical McDonald’s fast food vibe, although both the fast food and café areas are all under one roof.

McCafe’s sandwiches looked good as I scrolled through the item list on the touch-screen ordering kiosk. Orders for the day were the chicken pesto sandwich on ciabatta, and a ham and cheese sandwich.

When the plates arrived, I was surprised with how they looked! The chicken pesto sandwich looked like it’s straight out from a café! The ham and cheese sandwich reminded me of the sandwiches from 7-Eleven in Australia, which aren’t bad.


After snapping my pictures, it was time to taste the sandwiches. If you’d like your sandwiches to be hot or toasted, inform the baristas and they’ll gladly warm them up for you (they’re pleasant). Otherwise, it’ll very likely be served cold, although it’s typically supposed to be heated (found this out after clarifying with staff, and the cheese is supposed to be melted according to the website). The chicken pesto filling and cheese seemed like they were placed onto the bread directly from the refrigerator when I first tasted them – it was that cold! And the cheese in the ham and cheese sandwich was cold as well (it is supposed to be melted as well).


After the sandwiches were heated up, they were better. The chicken and pesto sandwich comprised of green basil pesto with chunks of chicken, thick juicy tomatoes, wild rocket and a slice of cheese. The ham and cheese had tomatoes, cheese and ham with what looks like wholemeal bread – a standard ham and cheese sandwich. I prefer the heated chicken pesto sandwich between the two.


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