Mint Blend Tea at Starbucks

I ordered a cup of hot Mint Blend Tea from the Teavana range to complement my rosemary chicken croissant for brunch. As someone who doesn’t rave about hot drinks (especially in a warmer climate), I actually enjoyed this tea. It has a calming, warm, and comforting effect to it.

After doing a bit of research about this tea, I discovered that Mint Blend comprises of infusions from spearmint, peppermint and lemon verbena – so it seems like it’s a healthier drink! And I learnt that lemon verbena (which is native to South America) stimulates good digestion and relieves anxiety, among other health benefits. It’s a soothing drink especially when you’re having a cold, or on a rainy day. Furthermore, it’s a common ingredient in herbal teas like the one at Starbucks.

What I love about Mint Blend most is that it isn’t as strong or bitter as compared to coffee and other hot teas (e.g. black tea – isn’t for me!).

Mint Blend tea is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a refreshing and healthier alternative when you visit Starbucks. I’ve also discovered that boxes of Mint Blend, along with teas from the Teavana range, are sold at Starbucks stores in Singapore if you’d like to savor a cup of tea at home.



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