Brunch at Starbucks

Another day, another Starbucks visit in Singapore. This time, I had their breakfast set for my brunch. Brekkie’s available until 11.30am on weekdays and 2.30pm on weekends. A regular set for $7.50 includes a food item (from the breakfast menu in particular) and a hot drink (i.e. a cup of coffee or tea). If you’re planning to have a sugar rush in the morning with a frappe, you’d have to pay an additional cost.

My order for the day was the rosemary chicken croissant and a cup of hot Mint Blend Tea (read my post about this tea here!). Although I had almost considered ordering a frappe, I decided to try their hot tea instead.

Under the top layer of croissant was minced chicken with rosemary in mayo, layered above a slice of delicious melted Emmental cheese. Small pieces of celery in the chicken and mayo mix added a crunchy and veggie element to brunch – I’m glad they included it! The rosemary, as this creation’s name implies, was visible when I took a first peek at the croissant. The chicken was delicious and in my opinion, it was a nice brunch. It’s perfect, especially when you’re looking for a lighter meal to give you energy to carry on with the day’s activities without feeling overly full – which is why I look forward to visiting Starbucks for brunch, especially on a busy afternoon!

Another brekkie option from the menu is the ‘panwich‘ – soft, fluffy pancakes with an egg and chicken look and sound like a true blue brekkie choice to me! It was tasty too.

All in all, I had a wonderful brunch at Starbucks. Starbucks’ menu and environment always perks me up!

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