Iced Shaken Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade at Starbucks

Recently, I tried another new drink at one of the Starbucks locations I tend to visit regularly. This time, the friendly barista recommended one of the latest drinks that arrived in Singapore called the Iced Shaken Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade. I was thinking about ordering the good old matcha frappe (which isn’t a surprise to anyone by now), but as soon as he mentioned the new drink, I was instantly intrigued.


The ‘Green Tea + Lemonade + Strawberries’ equation is the union of three different flavors into one superdrink. Was it going to be tea-riffic and berry delicious? I had to know! The barista also shared that it’s loved by Starbucks enthusiasts. Lemonade sounded like a great treat especially in tropical weather. The sun blazes down practically every day. At least it isn’t raining frequently, so the Lion City is embracing summer vibes!

The drink’s pretty peachy hue screamed “SUMMER!” and it had a pink lemonade-style reminiscence too. I eagerly took my first sip after snapping a few photos.


From the get-go, I realized the 3 primary elements are matched perfectly. Sweetness (which was pleasant and wasn’t overbearing) from the strawberries stood out first, followed by a refreshing lemonade flavor. To complete the flavor experience, a subtle green tea flavor and aftertaste became apparent. The drink is like an elevated version of fruit-based teas that are ubiquitous in the city, such as the locally-acclaimed iced lemon tea.


The green tea used in this drink is from Starbucks’ Teavana range, and it’s from the same range of teas as the mint blend tea that I absolutely loved and featured on the blog some time ago.


There is an option of choosing between green and black teas for the strawberry-tea-lemonade creation. The barista’s recommendation of green tea was excellent as each flavor complemented one another. I reckon the black tea option would possess a stronger tea flavor and probably a slight edge of bitterness. I prefer green tea in general as it has a lighter flavor note, and it’s a close second to mint tea in my books.


And now to answer the crucial question, was it going to be tea-riffic and berry delicious? Well, it’s simple – yes and yes! The Iced Shaken Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade was a refreshing midday recharge that I enjoyed.


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