Teriyaki Chicken Bibimbap at Paik’s Bibim

It’s been ages since I’d shared a savory food-related post on the blog! I’ve documented Korean food in Brisbane several years ago (this post!), so I thought of sharing a post on Korean food in Singapore. This time, I’m featuring a place I’ve visited several times before, which also happens to be a crowd-pleaser as it’s always packed at lunchtime. Who can’t resist a wholesome bowl of bibimbap?


Owned by a Korean celebrity chef, the establishment specializes in the famed bibimbap – which explains the ‘Bibim‘ in ‘Paik’s Bibim’. Additionally, it has a drinks area attached to the bibimbap area called Paik’s Coffee where, as the name suggests, you’ll find coffee-based drinks and more.

Apart from kimchi, the world-famous bibimbap is a must-try if you’re planning to taste Korean food, regardless of where you’re on land or jetting off in the skies (apparently Korean Air’s bibimbap is one of their most famous in-flight meals).


I regularly order their teriyaki chicken bibimbap whenever I visit for lunch. Bibimbap comprises of a bunch of ingredients – mine was crispy fried teriyaki chicken pieces, green veggies, cabbage, rice, seaweed and mayonnaise – mixed with gochujang (Korean chili sauce, a trademark of the Korean culinary scene) and other condiments. There are many variations to bibimbap as it’s rather versatile, and it’s quite healthy from the addition of veggies along with meat.


A bottle of the gochujang is available on every table, and you can add as much of it as you like to your bibimbap. I usually add a little more to mine as I like the flavor, plus the sauce isn’t very spicy to my palate. The balance of sweetness and spiciness in the gochujang is just right.


The fun part of this dish is that it needs to be mixed just before eating, so you’ll have pieces every ingredient in every bite. What I love about it is that the ingredients contribute to delicious layers of flavors that belong with one another perfectly. The teriyaki chicken’s flavor and crispiness isn’t lost with the rice, veggies and seaweed. While the chicken tastes good on its own, it’s way better and elevated when combined with the other elements.


The sides to this dish are delicious too. The generous helping of kimchi is a great accompaniment to the bibimbap, and so is the clear bean sprout soup.


For the first time ever, I tried one of their side dishes – crispy fried chicken with a sweet and spicy sauce. The chicken was delicious too, and it was freshly fried when it arrived! The sauce had a small spicy kick to it, and it matched well with the chicken.

If you’re thinking of trying Korean food in Singapore, Paik’s Bibim is an awesome option for you to visit! I visited the one at CityLink in the City Hall vicinity, near the Starbucks I featured some time ago.


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