White Chocolate Mocha Frappe at Starbucks

An impromptu Starbucks visit at CityLink in Singapore’s CBD was exactly what I needed for a boost of energy on a sunny afternoon. After contemplating between frappe flavor choices listed on the menu panel, I settled on the White Chocolate Mocha frappe.


My first impression was that it looks like a frappe with simple and straightforward yet pleasurable flavors – and it nailed my prediction. After mixing my frappe more, it had a harmonious balance of sweet and coffee flavors from white chocolate and mocha respectively, which made it delicious. Although the mocha is flavored with white chocolate, the additional white chocolate flavor note to the coffee didn’t overpower the frappe at all.


Although CityLink’s Starbucks is located at the linkway which connects the City Hall and Esplanade MRT stations, it possesses a character of its own. To me, it’s like a creative person’s dream! Unlike the sleek, (seemingly) rendered walls and tall glass panel doors at my regular Starbucks, this outlet is much smaller yet it doesn’t compromise on its atmosphere’s warmth.


It’s clear from the get-go that the CityLink outlet embraces creativity and the arts – it’s eminent through the large pictures and murals on the white brick walls.


What grasped my attention, however, was the notice board, which was much rather a community board – where inspired artistic customers openly share and showcase their love for Starbucks through sharing their own hand-drawn artistic creations on serviettes. A coffee haven that brings like-minded people together and recognizing creative people amongst inflows of customers is simply awesome. If you’re a budding artist who’s dropped by for a cup of coffee (or tea), you should consider adding your own mark to the board. The board also goes to show that creative juices really flow after a cup of coffee or tea (or a frappe for me!).


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