Chocolate Cookie Crumble Ice Blended Drink at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I made my way to my nearest Coffee Bean outlet (in Singapore) in anticipation of tasting another ice blended drink I’ve yet to try. This time, my mind, heart and stomach were all set on a chocolate-based drink. I was especially surprised to discover a little-known (at least to me) ice blended drink from their menu – I hereby introduce the Chocolate Cookie Crumble ice blended drink.


When I noticed that decadent-sounding drink on the wooden menu panel above the counter, it was a no-brainer to order it. This time, I opted for a milk-based drink instead of a coffee-based one. The barista mentioned that some customers prefer a stronger coffee flavour in their drink, while others don’t. I figured that the milk-based option would be better as the coffee may overshadow the cookie-licious flavours.

The little details on the whipped cream depicts this drink’s flavours – it’s like a preview of what’s to be expected. There’s literally a sprinkle of chocolate cookie/biscuit crumble! When I took my first sip, I instantly tasted the harmonious combination of cookies and chocolate.


The cookies in the drink itself are Oreos, and the chocolate ice blended component is the Coffee Bean’s own chocolate mixture for their ice blended drinks. It’s basically a dedication to one of the finest dessert flavours in the world – cookies and cream! I’m glad I chose the milk-based drink because the flavours weren’t overcomplicated or overshadowed with the addition of coffee.


I was amazed with the Oreo-to-chocolate drink ratio, which was nailed superbly to my liking. They certainly didn’t hold back on the Oreos! Each sip comprised of Oreo cookie crumbles, and the Oreos’ cream filling from the sandwiched cookies could be tasted as well. The crumbles were soft and chewable, instead of mushy and soggy. It isn’t a regular cookies and cream drink – it’s an elevated version of the classic combination.


I bet Cookie Monster would be bouncing with pure joy if he’d heard about this chocolate cookie crumble drink (or more likely as a result of sugar rush). Suitable metaphors I can think of to summarise my experience are joy, comfort flavours, and summer – which , let’s face it, is almost every day in the Lion City.

This is, without a doubt, my favourite drink from the Coffee Bean thus far.


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