Hazelnut Ice Blended Coffee Drink at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I dropped by the Coffee Bean in Singapore the other day and ordered a hazelnut ice blended coffee drink for a well-needed coffee fix. Hazelnut-flavored coffee is one of the most common and, dare I say, beloved coffee flavors in the world. I, too, love hazelnuts ~ especially when paired with chocolate or coffee.

The idea of a delicious and refreshing hazelnut coffee sounded too good to pass, hence resulting in my second ice blended drink from the Coffee Bean in a long time (with the first being the black forest ice blended coffee drink)!


Apparently you’re given two options to select from: a coffee-based or a milk-based ice blended drink. My taste buds naturally gravitated to the coffee-based option.


The drink has a strong mocha flavor and a subtle hazelnut flavor. It almost feels like the two flavors have been combined, so much so that I couldn’t really tell the difference between both of them because of the earthy flavor notes in both of them. Perhaps the milk-based ice blended hazelnut drink has more of a nutty flavor in comparison to the one I had.

The hazelnut ice blended coffee follows the original mocha ice blended drink’s recipe ~ the one that’s said to have made its mark on the coffee world, hence putting the Coffee Bean’s ice blended range on the map. Instead of the Coffee Bean’s signature chocolate powder from the original Mocha recipe, the hazelnut one comprises of hazelnut powder. If you’re into flavored coffees but prefer a stronger coffee flavor with subtle additional flavor notes, this one’s certainly for you.


Although the hazelnut flavor is light for my taste buds, I enjoyed this little pick-me-up on a busy day!


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