Mango Mango Frappe at Starbucks

While mangoes represent summer, it doesn’t completely feel like summer in the Lion City. It rains (let’s be realistic, it pours heavily when the heavens open) and it’s also warm and sunny. In a way it’s like experiencing Brisbane’s winter without gushes of cold wind. Side note: don’t underestimate the wind here either – while it isn’t chilly, it can be strong when it appears. At times the weather mirrors Melbourne’s weather, where it can be sunny at one point and stormy later, or vice versa all in the same day. The major difference, however, is that Singapore follows the Northern Hemisphere for food and fashion (we don’t have 4 seasons plus it shouldn’t be raining as often as it has been in June), so we’re supposed to enjoy summery vibes by now!

Although the weather isn’t making its mind up and is teasing most people, Singaporeans are nevertheless set on celebrating mangoes this season (June/July). In fact, Mango-flavored goodies are ubiquitous in this city. Starbucks recently reintroduced their Mango Mango Frappe (yes, ‘mango’ is mentioned twice – probably for emphasis) in Singapore, which was last seen here around this time last year. This season’s been my very first time hearing about this frappe, so I knew I had to try it. If its graced the special menu with its anticipated presence yet again, I could only assume this one’s a must-try.


‘Mango Mango’ is a rather direct name for the frappe, but the most interesting part is that the frappe itself comprises of mango and passionfruit flavors. I was eager to try this combination as it sounded fascinating.


Sticking to the bubble tea / boba theme, this frappe includes mango jelly and mango sauce – which I quite like. The added texture from those elements makes it stand out from other mango-themed drinks. The jelly is absolutely delicious and it’s paired wonderfully with the drink itself.


The frappe’s drink element comprises of mango, passionfruit and milk. To my surprise, the passionfruit and mango complemented each other perfectly. The passionfruit adds that bit of tartness to an otherwise sweet mango drink. The balance is just right for me. When mixed with that delicious swirl of whipped cream, its flavor reminded me of mango mousse cake!


Between the Watermelon and Lychee Aloe frappe and this frappe, the Mango Mango is a clear winner in my books. Never would I have ever thought that mango and passionfruit are a great match. This is my favorite fruity drink so far!


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