Dark Chocolate Ice Blended Drink at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I’ve been popping by the Coffee Bean from time to time lately (hence the Coffee Bean posts) as I’ve been wanting to try the ice blended drinks that I’d yet to have. This time, however, I felt like taking a walk down memory lane and reminisce the experiences I had from ages ago by ordering a double chocolate ice blended drink. With the memories etched in my mind, this drink is one of my first ice blended drinks that I can recall. From what I remember, the drink was very chocolatey. Just looking by looking at it, the drink screamed ‘CHOCOLATE!’.

When I reached the Coffee Bean, I noticed that the menu has transformed – but some of the good ol’ classics seem to have clinched permanent spots, such as the black forest drink. Although I’d been to the Coffee Bean thrice before, I didn’t completely scrutinize the entire menu – or at least pay attention to the classic chocolate item on its menu! Some classic drinks have been replaced with new ones ~ which also explains the chocolate cookie crumble drink from my previous visit! I went for the dark chocolate ice blended drink as: a) while I loved the cookie drink, I wanted to try something different, and b) it’s the closest item to the double chocolate drink from the past.

I was expecting a decadent essence of semi-sweet dark chocolate, which I quite honestly haven’t grown to appreciate. Milk chocolate is my favorite type of chocolate, so I kept my fingers crossed for a pleasurable balance between sweetness and the potential bitterness.


From my very first sip, I realized that it tasted just like something I loved as a child. It’s something that’s regularly associated with fuzzy jumpers and warm fairy lights. As I listed all the flavors I tasted, I knew what it was exactly.

Actually, the equation’s pretty straightforward: cocoa + milk + sugar + whipped cream = hot chocolate! To someone who isn’t a hot chocolate connoisseur, this combination is close enough to identify those familiar flavor tones.


The dark chocolate drink certainly resurrected my childhood flavor palate, since hot chocolate was the only hot drink I favored! The only difference is that it’s an ice blended version, and I reckon the cocoa flavor is from the Coffee Bean’s signature chocolate mix. It’s a blast from the past indeed. I’ve yet to have a delicious cup of hot chocolate or ‘iced’ chocolate in ages, so it was nice to have tried something new while reminiscing wonderful memories.


While it isn’t exactly like the double chocolate ice blended drink from my childhood, this one’s pretty good too! I’m just glad that it isn’t overly chocolatey or bitter. Although it is rather straightforward taste-wise, I enjoyed my drink!



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