Sunday Brownie at Coffeesmith

Another café I’ve seen around is Coffeesmith. After doing a quick Google search, I discovered that Coffeesmith is actually a café chain from South Korea!

I’ve heard that cafés in Korea (particularly Seoul) are really worth a visit, and the desserts and coffee are picture-worthy. Not to mention, they taste as good as they look! In this case, the desserts at Coffeesmith certainly lives up to that reputation.

Describing the warm dark chocolate brownie – topped with a scoop of milk chocolate ice cream – as ‘decadent’ is an understatement! It’s incredibly rich and dense. It has an almost fudge-like consistency and a burst of chocolate in every bite. The delicious drizzle of chocolate sauce and the ice cream adds to the string of chocolatey flavors.


As a chocolate-lover myself, I found that the chocolate’s very strong but enjoyable. I recommend sharing this dessert with another fellow chocolate-holic, unless you’re someone with a solid sweet tooth!


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