Fish and Fries at McDonald’s in Singapore

If your favorite burger from McDonald’s is the Fillet-O-Fish, McDonald’s has some new options that’ll be a switch-up from your regular order should you try them! The latest range of fish items have made their way to McDonald’s Singapore menu for a limited time. Apparently these selections are rather familiar to locals – the fishy-licious menu was a hit when it was available some time ago, hence making its comeback to satisfy McDonald’s-lovers’ cravings for fish fast food.


I’ve never heard of these fish items before, and they certainly intrigued me. I’ve never thought of McDonald’s as ‘the’ place to try fish-based fast food. And so, I decided to be adventurous by trying them out to experience the flavors myself.

Firstly, I tried the most interesting (in my opinion) item on the menu, simply because I never imagined that McDonald’s would actually offer this universally well-loved item.  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy fish and chips? Named ‘Fish and Fries’, this new fish item had me thinking of what its spin on British comfort food would taste like.

The verdict: It’s a medium-sized portion of McDonald’s fries and two golden, deep-fried pieces of white fish. Most of the flavors are from the thick and crunchy batter, and the fish meat is soft and flaky. After smothering it with tartar sauce, it kind of reminded me of the Fillet-O-Fish. The fries were delicious, as always. I think it’s nicer as a snack to be shared.

Next, I tried the Sweet Chili Fish Burger. An interesting part is that the burger bun’s definitely different from the usual Fillet-O-Fish – it seems like there’s chili flakes in the bun. The sweet chili mayo isn’t very spicy, it’s just right. The fish tastes like the same fish from the Fish and Fries, and its pieced well with the sauce, salad and bun.

Although I liked the fish items, I’m used to having the other burgers at McDonald’s so I’ll stick to my usual selections when I visit next. It’s worth a try if you’re curious about the new fish items or if you’re just a fan of the Fillet-O-Fish.


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