Thai Crispy Sweet Chili Chicken at Northpoint City

Thai food is undoubtedly one of the cuisines that Singaporeans enjoy. The palate of flavors from the Northern neighbor is a hit with locals, so much so that I spotted a Thai food stall at the food court at Northpoint City in suburban Singapore. Their green curry is a winner in my eyes, and the crispy chicken dish is no exception either.


When I first saw the crispy chicken with rice on the menu, I was instantly sold on the idea with the thought of having some delicious fried chicken. Furthermore, I was intrigued with the idea of a Thai-inspired chicken chop (chicken chop is similar to the Japanese chicken katsu). It sounded like an amazing lunch to me and I just had to try it for myself.


The fried chicken, which looks like it’s fried to perfection especially with that golden-brown breaded coat, is covered with a generous helping of the clear Thai sweet chili sauce. A bonus is that a fried egg is included on top of the rice with veggies on the side! It tastes as good as it looks too! The best part is that the sauce wasn’t very spicy at all – it has a well-balanced flavor between the sweet and spicy elements.


What I was mostly surprised about is that although the chili sauce isn’t served separately from the chicken, the fried coat’s crispiness isn’t compromised by the sauce at all. I reckon it’s got to do with the sauce itself as it isn’t thick. It feels like the flavors are in harmony as each element on the plate are paired well. Also, it dawned upon me that it’s just like the green curry, where the chicken and curry elements were absolutely delicious when they were combined, although they were presented separately.

If you’re in Singapore, visiting food courts is a must-do! From local dishes to regional favorites like the Crispy Sweet Chili Chicken, you’ll never know what you’ll find at food courts here. There’s always something for everyone and it’s budget-friendly too!


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