Coffee ‘Milk’ Tea Ice Cream at McDonald’s in Singapore

It’s finally time to bid adieu to McDonald’s popcorn caramel ice cream and try its newest exciting ice cream flavor, Coffee ‘Milk’ Tea, in Singapore. It’s more interesting to me because I’ve never had this drink before, hence not knowing what to expect.

I decided to find out a little more about this flavor before trying it out as it sounds delicious. The Coffee ‘Milk’ Tea originates from Hong Kong. Known as Yuenyeung in Cantonese, it’s a combination of Hong Kong-style milk tea and coffee. They’re commonly found at the cha chaan teng (Hong Kong cafés), and it’s a trademark of Hong Kong’s culinary scene. The idea of experiencing a taste of Hong Kong in Singapore (at McDonald’s, out of all places) heightened my curiosity and excitement of trying this ice cream.


With this new ice cream flavor in town, it wasn’t a surprise that there was a longer queue at McDonald’s dessert kiosk! One by one, fellow foodies were ordering their Coffee ‘Milk’ Tea ice creams. From cones to sundaes and the McFlurry version, ice cream fans eagerly collected their precious treats.


The ice cream itself has a somewhat coffee-brown appearance, it’s close to the previous caramel-brown popcorn caramel ice cream. From my first spoonful of the sundae, a light coffee flavor became apparent. It was subtle milk and coffee flavors combined in the ice cream. I couldn’t identify much of the tea flavor but it’s enjoyable.

Just like the previous sundaes, the chocolate sundae sauce tends to overpower the ice cream itself, but I can’t pass on having that delicious sauce! If you’d like to try the flavor on its own, do get the cone version for $1. The sundae’s $2 if you’re keen to try it out. As always, I’ll go for the sundae version again when I’m up for a McDonald’s ice cream!


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