Chocolate and Banana Hopper for Breakfast

It had been years since I last had a hopper, literally. When I had the opportunity of visiting the airport for breakfast, I gravitated towards my favorite hopper place at Changi Airport Terminal 3’s food court. The plan of making my way to the airport on a Sunday and devouring a glorious piece of hopper was unmissable.

The term ‘appam‘ is most commonly used in Singapore. The origins of this simple yet mouth-watering delicacy is traced to Sri Lanka and the southern part of India, and here in Singapore, it represents the influence of flavors from its South Asian roots in this vibrant nation.


The key to an awesome a hopper is in the cooking technique, it’s equally important as the batter itself. The batter’s cooked in bowl-shaped contraptions until the sides are crispy and the middle’s soft and fluffy. The hoppers are prepared right in front of your eyes, and it’s fascinating to observe the cooking process.

A regular hopper is typically enjoyed with grated coconut and some orange-colored sugar. The hopper is versatile, so it’s brilliant regardless of whether it’s eaten in its original version or otherwise. With it’s key ingredients being coconut milk and fermented rice flour, the flavors converge in the middle of the hopper – which reminds me of a soft pancake.


Hoppers are popular among Singaporeans, and the hoppers from this stall in particular are a hit. While traditional plain hoppers are well-loved, their creative spins of flavors aren’t to be missed either. For my brekkie, I decided to order the ‘banana appam‘, which has become one of my favorites in Singapore.


My hopper was the best of both worlds with textures – crispy sides and a soft center. The chocolate sauce and finely chopped peanuts go hand-in-hand as a combination of sweet and nutty flavors, and the soft fresh bananas rounded everything together as well.


Slices of fresh banana with a generous drizzle of thick chocolate sauce and a large sprinkle of chopped peanuts, it’s scrumptious and looks divine. While I was noting the flavors and ingredients, it dawned upon me that the hopper’s toppings are somewhat reminiscent to a banana split.

If you’re stopping by Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 3 food court, you’ve got to try the hoppers!


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