Thai Green Curry & Chicken at Northpoint City

Green curry is one of my favorite Thai dishes. In fact, it’s one of the most popular Thai dishes in the world. I was thrilled to find a Thai-themed stall at the food court, and after reading its menu, I decided to give it a go for lunch.

When I first saw my order, “wow” was my first thought. It looks completely different from other Thai green curries that I’ve had before. It seemed like I was in for a treat, and I was indeed!

There are four very delightful elements to this stall’s take on Thai green curry – a perfectly fried egg, a small salad on the side, chicken with veggies and the green curry itself.


The green curry has a fragrant aroma, and its flavor include notes of coconut milk and pepper. The curry has a soup-like consistency, which reminds me of a dish called ‘soup curry’ from Japan that I discovered from a travel video, and is very suitable for the cold seasons / winter. I enjoyed this curry concept as it makes this green curry special without compromising on flavors. Three pieces of eggplant are placed as garnishes in the curry. The chicken’s stir-fried perfectly, and its flavorful punch of basil is well balanced with the green curry when combined.

The stir-fried chicken sits on a combination of shredded veggies – namely carrots, green leaves and tiny-chopped bird’s eye chili. Bird’s eye chili is one of the most lethal ingredients in the world! Well, that sounds like an exaggeration but it’s truly unbearable for most people, including me. One bite into this tiny firecracker results in an unforgettable experience, like when I ate a spoonful of the rice + curry + chicken & veggie combo.


The bird’s eye chili led to a numbing effect for me. My nasal passage felt like it was on fire, so I’d recommend that you should remove the bird’s eye chili. If you’re feeling adventurous or thinking of experimenting with your heat tolerance limits, proceed with caution! Although I was wise enough to buy a decently sized (and priced) bandung drink from the drinks stall, a cup of cold and refreshing popcorn caramel sundae from McDonald’s reduced the sweat breakouts!

It’s without doubt that I enjoyed this Thai green curry dish – but I’ll be sure to fish out the chopped bird’s eye chili next time!


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