Watermelon Mousse Cake at Starbucks

What was to be a regular coffee visit turned out to be an unplanned cake-tasting for me! Since word on the street is that Starbucks is switching its seasonal menu in Singapore soon, I dropped by a Starbucks outlet to enjoy the dark caramel coffee sphere frappe for what is likely to be the very last time (unless they re-introduce it in the future, which I hope they do!).


While I did order the frappe, I opted to try one of their seasonal cakes which will be bidding adieu along with the special frappes. The watermelon mousse cake stood out to me, simply because of the watermelon mousse (obviously!). I’ve never had watermelon mousse before and watermelon sounded like precisely what I needed, especially on a humid day in the sunny island.


After removing the plastic wrapping carefully, I witnessed a pleasant, clearer view of the mousse cake’s divine-looking layers, which emulates a juicy slice of watermelon. From the chocolate chip ‘seeds’ to the thin filling of glaze connecting the green and pink layers, the cake looks incredible!


Shortly after snapping my photos to document this summery cake, it was finally time for me to devour it. The watermelon mousse is absolutely delicious! It isn’t overpowering and it isn’t too sweet either. The mousse itself is soft, decadent and creamy. The crumbly yet somewhat dense sponge cake is a perfect match to the mousse that sits above it. Although the sponge cake exudes a matcha vibe from its appearance, it tastes far from matcha. Instead, it had a delicious vanilla-like flavor, which is an excellent choice as it doesn’t confuse the flavor palate, hence placing the spotlight on the mousse which, based on its name, is the star of the show. The two contrasting textures from those layers are matched wonderfully – a match made in cake heaven!

I’m glad that Starbucks opted for chocolate chips instead of adding other chocolate elements, as the chocolate chips didn’t dull the watermelon’s shine.


Overall, I’m elated that I had the opportunity to try this watermelon mousse cake. Needless to say, I loved each and every bite! The watermelon mousse cake is one of the best cakes I’ve had at Starbucks. This trip to Starbucks was certainly a great one to bid farewell to the current seasonal menu. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!


15 thoughts on “Watermelon Mousse Cake at Starbucks

      1. Interesting question. I prefer salty over sweet. Bread was the first thing that popped into my head, but then I started thinking about cheese, and then asparagus . . . . do you have a favorite food?

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    1. Yes it is a fascinating cake, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity of trying it! Watermelon is absolutely perfect for the warm season! I don’t think the cake’s available in Singapore anymore as it was part of their ‘seasonal’ menu. Hope it’s available globally soon 🙂

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