Double Ristretto Coffee Blended Cream Frappe at Starbucks

The latest range of drinks have arrived at Starbucks! I was looking forward to the menu switch-up, but it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. After the string of unique frappes that successfully challenged flavor combinations and choices, this new menu seems to return to most people’s comfort zones – flavor-wise. Matcha and coffee are the newest highlights this time. While it isn’t as adventurous as some of the flavors I’ve documented, I was mostly intrigued with one of those frappes in particular: the double ristretto coffee blended cream frappe. Although I’m a self-proclaimed matcha fan, this frappe aroused my curiosity as I wanted to try another coffee flavor and learn a little more about it along the way.

Ristretto, to me, is espresso’s sibling that’s created its own stamp in the coffee family. This is clearly evident as I stumbled upon a business report specifically examining the ristretto ‘industry’! Could the demand for ristretto result in big bucks and maintaining its coveted spot in the coffee realm’s hall-of-fame? I think so!

Ristretto is sweeter than espresso, and its prepared differently as well. Ristrettro comprises of finely-ground coffee beans just like espresso, but it has less water. Additionally, it has a shorter extraction time than an espresso’s.


This frappe is only available as a ‘tall’ drink, which makes sense as the name suggests two shots of ristretto. If it’s any larger, I reckon the ristretto’s flavor will fade due to the the cream’s flavor.


The drink comprises of ristretto and layers of the white chocolate mocha sauce and milk cream. I deliberately took a first sip without mixing the cream and coffee to judge the flavor. Wow – those shots of coffee were certainly present! The ristretto isn’t too bitter, it’s actually a pleasurable balance of bitterness and sweetness. I liked it!


After mixing it up, the boldness from those shots of ristretto reduced as the cream’s flavor emerged. As I was finishing my drink, it dawned upon me that the drink’s flavor was more cream-ish instead. I reckon it’s because the ristretto and cream are paired together to create this frappe. For people who don’t love stronger coffees but are willing to experience the magic of those flavors, this one has your name on it. Or if you’re looking for a sweeter version of an espresso-like frappe, you’ll probably like this one.


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