Banana and Hazelnut Cake at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Banana bread/cake is one of those wonderful delicacies that I consider as comfort food. The feeling of happiness from savoring a slice of banana goodness is like being wrapped in a warm and fuzzy blanket on a cold day.


A little while ago, I had an impromptu dessert session at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I’ve not visited the Californian coffee chain in ages, and it’s been forever since I had a slice of cake from their mouth-watering selections. The banana and hazelnut cake is one of the most perfect desserts that’s available at The Coffee Bean for the season. Plus it looks irresistible! It has a rustic appearance, which adds to the homely feeling and warmth of the season. The barista suggested that the cake should be heated first as it would be too cold otherwise. He’s right, the warm banana cake was nice and just right!


This cake has a soft and crumbly texture, and it matches the hazelnuts well. Bananas and hazelnuts – an awesome match made in banana cake heaven! The nutty addition to the cake itself is yummy. I prefer a softer and moist banana cake in general, but this cake’s texture was lovely as it complemented the layer of chopped hazelnuts. These two ingredients are certainly friends in the cake realm.


Another part that I appreciate is the hazelnuts on top being actual nuts. Although Nutella has a special place in my heart, this cake’s hazelnut topping with the banana cake base was a nice change from the regular combination of hazelnuts and chocolate. The drizzle wasn’t very strong for my palate, hence indicating that both banana and hazelnuts are the headlining co-stars. What I enjoyed about this cake is that the flavors are simple, yet they shine well on the plate.


If you’re looking for a little crumbly, crunchy and nutty twist to a classic, this one’s an option!


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