Tiny Gingerbread Houses at BreadTalk

Tiny homes are in the rage in this day and age. Lifestyle channels on TV are filled with a selection of series centered around tiny houses. Albeit tiny, these houses are incredibly cute. The ones with creative additions are astounding, and this realm is a budding engineer’s and architect’s dream. Tiny houses have made their way to a whole new world – gingerbread. Yes, this Christmas staple has taken a page out of the tiny house concept and it’s just too cute to pass by without wanting to make a purchase (or two, in my case). I can imagine these little houses being used in a tiny Christmas village display! It would be a gingerbread enactment of Gulliver’s Travels when a regular-sized gingerbread man is placed amongst these houses in gingerbread Lilliput.


As someone who has a love-hate relationship with a selection of ingredients, I’m not typically fond of ginger and cinnamon. As the holidays are all about coming together and placing differences aside, I’m leaning towards ‘love’ for these ingredients – as long as they’re used in gingerbread cookies with sugar icing!


BreadTalk reigns as one of the most famous and loved bakeries in Singapore. This bakery chain is available virtually everywhere in many shopping centers around the island.


BreadTalk’s gingerbread cookies are pre-packed and they’re presented wonderfully with Santa-red ribbons. Shopping for the perfect gingerbread house is like being in an episode of House Hunters. From designs to structure, everything’s considered before making a decision. I eventually made my picks – which were two of the most cutest ones I found among the bunch.


Upon opening the packaging, a light aroma of gingerbread greeted me. Gingerbread is neither too soft nor hard in my opinion. The houses are structurally-sound, as white sugar icing binds each piece together like magical cement. One of the houses is set in a snowy scene, with crystal-like snow showered on its roof. The other house exudes love and warmth from those lovely hearts and red windows.


Flavor-wise, it’s a nicely spiced cookie that isn’t too strong for anyone whose taste buds are delicate with spices, like mine. Although ginger shines in the cookie, I liked the gingerbread and icing together as the icing softened the spices’ intensity. It isn’t vastly different from a regular gingerbread cookie, but the design is a winner for me. Bringing sweet and spice together for the holiday season is one of the best parts of these gingerbread houses.


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