Swiss Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Wafers + Zurich

Hallo everyone! It’s time for another chocolate post! A Swiss brand called Kägi (I think it’s pronounced ‘Kaegi’) is available in supermarkets across the island, and I’m tasting their chocolate for the very first time. Kägi’s clearly proud of their roots, as the Swiss flag is incorporated into their logo – and the words ‘Häppily made in Switzerland’ are printed on the back of its packaging. I soon learnt that they specialize in chocolate wafers. Kägi is based in Toggenburg (a region an hour way from Zurich), and their wafers are manufactured there as well.


Hazelnut and chocolate is a classic combo that’s adored by millions, if not billions, of people around the world (including me, of course!). Although the flavors are rather straightforward, I was excited to taste Kägi’s version of a classic. This pack in particular comprised of smaller fun-sized wafer ‘fingers’.


Each delightful piece comprises of alternating layers of wafers and a hazelnut-chocolate filling. The entire treat is then coated with smooth, decadent milk chocolate. Yum!


Sweet, smooth, soft and crunchy, every piece possesses a harmonious blend of hazelnut and chocolate flavor notes. Albeit ‘bite-sized’, it is a relatively thick stack of wafers  and hazelnut chocolate. It delivers both a pleasant and an enjoyable flavor experience. To me, das ist sehr gut! That is so good!


As always, I love exploring origins of snacks and desserts. We could all do with a sprinkle of Christmas magic right now. I, therefore, decided to embark on my virtual exploration of Zurich in the most wonderful time of the year! Walking on cobblestone paths through lanes with rows of charming buildings is my dream holiday. Soaking in the atmosphere of being located near the Alps is a bucket list-worthy experience. I’ve included a few photos of Changi Airport (the airport’s where journeys begin) at Christmastime from two different years too!


The city is especially magical at Christmastime – Christmas markets are practically everywhere. I was spoilt for choice when deciding on which festive attraction to check out first! These are two of my top picks:

The Singing Christmas Tree – Werdmühleplatz

One of my Christmastime highlights is playing songs and carols daily from my festive playlist. On top of that, decorating the Christmas tree with lovely baubles and an assortment of ornaments with my family is one of my most cherished Christmastime moments. It turns out an epic crossover of a Christmas tree and festive music comes to life in Zurich during the Advent season: behold, a singing Christmas tree!

The stage comprises of staggered platforms in the formation of a Christmas tree. Decorated with pretty white fairy lights and covered with lush green Christmas tree leaves and branches, this tree’s focal point is the different choir groups that are featured daily. Members of choirs – with their red beanies, scarves and gloves – delight spectators and shoppers alike with their talent and festive spirit as they belt out Christmas favorites. They’re special ‘ornaments’ on the large tree! It’s one of the coolest Christmas choir atmospheres I’ve seen.


Christkindlimarkt – Zurich Main Station

A Christmas market inside a train station. Now, that’s a first for me! The closest I’ve been to visiting a market within close proximity to a train station is local festive markets that are located on large areas of land outside train stations in the Lion City (there’s not enough space to fit an entire market and commuters on their year-end holidays!). Zurich’s Main Station hosts the Christkindlimarkt during the holiday season.

A Christmassy and snowy train setting – at the airport!

It’s incredible that a massive train station transforms into a cheery and jolly market for everyone to enjoy. The concept reminds me of Christmas movies that include toy shops in a town’s high street, as some of these toy stores include model train sets.

Train stations are special in December too, as people are excitedly preparing to embark on journeys for the holidays. I would love to roam around this train station while the market is ongoing! This market features over 140 stalls, live Christmas a cappella performances, an enormous Christmas tree with a daily light show, and more. The tree has dazzled visitors as it donned sparkly Swarovski crystals!


Dreaming of Christmas? These are some of my fondest Christmas memories!

Toffee Nut Crunch Frappe at Starbucks

Mince Pie Filled Cookies from Tesco’s Finest

Tiny Gingerbread Houses at BreadTalk Bakery


7 thoughts on “Swiss Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Wafers + Zurich

  1. Thank you for this post! I love Christmas and the fall/winter seasons. I particularly dream of these seasons and holidays right now because I guess I long for cozyness, safety and peace during this pandemic. And Christmas brings hope and joy that we badly need right now. Lovely post!

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    1. Thanks so much! Same here, fall and winter are my favorite seasons! Hope joy, great health and peace are restored to everyone around the world before fall and winter arrive 😃 It’ll be amazing to celebrate Christmas with friends and family this year, as Easter was spent at home 🙂

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