Mince Pie Filled Cookies

I didn’t anticipate purchasing a tin of cookies, let alone 2 (different flavors)! These cookies seemed to be disappearing quickly from the Christmas shelf at my local supermarket, and they aren’t any ordinary cookies. With a piqued curiosity and a dash of “FOMO” (fear of missing out), I hopped onto the Tesco Finest festive cookie bandwagon with fellow Christmas enthusiasts. Christmastime is a heightened cookie season for my taste buds and stomach – and I bet Cookie Monster is feasting on all sorts of delicious festive cookies as well!


Mince pie filled cookies – that’s a first for me! Mince pie is an English staple at Christmastime. It’s a pie filled with mincemeat (dried fruits with a medley of spices) – not to be confused with minced meat (as in, meat that’s been minced). Mincemeat comes pre-made in general (most recipes use ready-made mincemeat). I’m not the biggest fan of mince pies, hence being a little hesitant in placing this cookie tin in my shopping basket initially. Seeing a cookie version of this classic, however, sounded too interesting to pass! I’ve yet to see any other variation of mince pies before. Recalling my newfound friendship with chestnuts and pumpkin through taking tiny steps toward appreciating them, I thought of giving these mince pie cookies a go.


To fully experience the magic of this Christmas cookie rendition of a classic at its finest, I heated them first. The instructions state they should be heated for 10 – 12 seconds in the microwave, and are to be cooled for a minute (or for a short while) outside.


While waiting for them to be heated, a minced pie aroma greeted the atmosphere with its fruity presence. Heating these cookies is a game changer for sure. Ooey, gooey, smooth fruity jam screams “CHRISTMAS!” from the get-go. That jam-filled center, which is inspired by mincemeat, deserves a standing ovation. It brings all the glory to the cookie! The cookie itself is a regular sugar cookie (with crystal-looking white sugar on top) but the filling elevates it to a whole other level. The ‘cookie : jam’ ratio is excellent – perfect amount of jam to complement the cookie.


Not dissimilar to a choir or band, the mincemeat jam’s flavor elements are united in a powerful ballad. Apple puree, sultanas, orange peel and spices are pronounced together. It’s something that someone with a sweet tooth will appreciate, and I can picture Santa enjoying a plate of these cookies with a glass of milk!


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