Monte Carlo Biscuits from Australia

It feels like a lifetime has passed since I last penned an Australian-themed post. Having shared various supermarket finds previously, I began plotting another Aussie adventure to embark on – from abroad this time (available in other regular supermarkets outside Australia too). As such, I was inspired to dedicate a post to another Aussie bikkie (‘biscuit’) – the Monte Carlo.

‘Monte Carlo’. When these words pop up, the thought of golden sand, glistening sea and yachts springs into mind. To most around the globe, “Monte Carlo” is a gorgeous city in Monaco. Movie-goers will be reminded of a rom-com from nearly a decade ago set in, well, Monte Carlo. For dedicated cookie/biscuit fans, Monte Carlo reminds them of  Australian biscuits that are named after the Monacan city. It’s time to dive into the world of biscuits – again!


It’s definitely an Aussie favorite, along with other famous cookies like Tim Tams, Lemon Crisps, Mint Slices (which is somewhat a milk chocolate and biscuit version of After Eight chocolate, and they’re SO good!) and several others. Monte Carlo biscuits are manufactured by Arnott’s – most commonly known as the home of Tim Tams and many, many other Aussie favorites (including the ones I listed above). The Arnott’s parrot, whose gleeful expression whilst devouring a cracker is printed on all Arnott’s products, tells that the contents inside are going to be wonderful.


The biscuit’s golden exterior comprises of desiccated coconut, honey and golden syrup. To me, it has a stronger syrup flavor, which is quintessential in golden biscuits. The coconut’s presence became more apparent as I chewed further, which I loved. The biscuit itself isn’t like a coconut rough or macaroons, but it’s a lovely golden biscuit with coconut in it. The delicious combo is unique, and the blend of those three ingredients elevate both ends of the sweet sandwich.


Sticky jam (which seems to comprise of raspberries and apples according to the ingredients list, although it’s typically referred to as ‘strawberry jam’ by everyone) and a spread of vanilla cream fill the sandwich. It’s almost like the sibling of Tesco’s jammy dodger biscuits’ filling. The biscuits, cream and jam go hand-in-hand in each flavorful bite, and neither overpowers one another in taste.


The Monte Carlo, in its own ways, is a nod to the beach from both its appearance and the experience of savoring it. The biscuit, especially with its crumbly texture (thanks to coconut too), reminds me of golden sand that’s perfect for making sandcastles. Adding the cream (which could represent ice cream) and jam (perhaps strawberry fudge) into the picture paints the scene of enjoying a strawberry sundae whilst having a fun and sunny beach day in my imagination – and nothing beats a sundae in summertime for me!


All in all, Monte Carlo biscuits are a lovely addition to snack stashes at home. It hits the sweet spot for people with a sweet tooth who prefer biscuits/cookies sans chocolate. You can’t go wrong with these bikkies as the star of teatime!


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