Dark Chocolate with Hawke’s Bay Plum and Roasted Almonds

It’s about time to say Kia Ora to a new foodie adventure!

New Zealand is home to some of the most glorious produce in the world, and their chocolate stacks up as one of the must-try treats if you’re visiting. In the Lion City, Kiwi products have graced their presence in supermarket aisles.

Whittaker’s is one of the brands that’s available here, and the size of their selections is pretty descent. I’ve had Whittaker’s chocolates a handful of times many years ago. Their chunky (their shape reminds me of gold bars that are secured in vaults!) almond milk chocolate bars are incredible, and I loved every bite from the beginning. From what I recall, it’s closer to Australian chocolate for my palate – which is my favorite type of chocolate.


I recently discovered a range of artisan New Zealand chocolates by Whittaker’s. Some of them piqued my interest simply from the combo of flavors they’ve selected. One such chocolate bar comprises of plums (from Hawke’s Bay), dark chocolate and roasted almonds. Black doris plums and dark chocolate isn’t the first pairing I’ll think of when matching chocolate with fruits in a chocolate bar. Having never, ever heard and tried this combo, the chocolate bar found itself away from the shelf and in my hands, heading in the direction of the checkout counter.

Dark chocolate isn’t my cup of tea on most occasions – my palate has yet to adjust to that flavor completely. “50% dark chocolate. That shouldn’t be too intense to handle,” I thought to myself whilst skimming though the details. And so began the unboxing.


As soon as I tore an edge of the gold foil, a blended scent of cocoa and sweet fruit was apparent. It’s the most aromatic chocolate I’ve bought from the supermarket!


Freeze-dried plums and finely chopped roasted almonds fill the chocolate bar. The bits of plums are quite sweet, however, their contrast with rich dark chocolate makes the combo excellent. Roasted almonds contributed a little nutty flavor and crunch to the experience, which fitted in very well. Each piece of chocolate is pretty wide, and it’s not incredibly thick like regular milk chocolate. This makes a single portion ideal for me, especially considering it’s dark chocolate. The seemingly quirky flavor combination is a decadent delight.


I thoroughly enjoyed this dark chocolate treat – it’s one of the very few dark chocolates I’ve liked in a long time. If you’re craving a sweet that’s different, this chocolate’s got your name on it!


I can’t wrap up the post before sharing what I’ve learnt about Hawke’s Bay! Rewinding to some time before tasting the chocolate, I embarked on a mini virtual vacation to learn more about the location.

Hawke’s Bay is located in the North Island, and is where you’ll find vineyards and serenity in nature – the views are breathtakingly phenomenal. A road trip around the region looks like a lovely vacation!

One of the places in the region that stands out to me is Napier, which one of the most notable cities in the nation. Napier is practically the Art Deco (style from the 1920s – a century ago!) capital of the country, and the city hosts an Art Deco festival annually. From architecture to fashion and cars, the Art Deco scene is celebrated by locals and tourists.

Another location in the Hawke’s Bay area that’s interesting is the Hastings District (which is a roughly 20-minute drive from Napier). The district is famous among foodies, with produce such as fruits and wine being trademarks of the area. The weekly Farmers’ Market at the Waikoko Gardens on Sundays is one of the oldest markets in the country, and it’s where arrays of local produce are available under one roof – metaphorically.

Hawke’s Bay is definitely a bucket list-worthy place to visit in New Zealand!


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