Swedish Princess Cake and Daim Chocolate Cake

A dessert fit for a princess, or royalty for that matter. Literally! The Princess Cake (known as Prinsesstårta) is a classic Swedish dessert with royal origins. I’ve had the Princess cake before (probably half a decade ago), so when an opportunity to visit IKEA arose I pounced on the opportunity to reunite with my acquaintance (the cake, that is!). On top of that, my eyes were also set on trying the world-famous Daim cake that can’t be missed when visiting IKEA. With a foodie mission and images of glorious cakes etched in my mind, I was ready to dash towards the food hall with my eyes on the prizes.


The Prinsesstårta is a multilayered dessert with layers of cake, raspberry jam, cream (which fills the bubble-like dome top that arches out) and marzipan that blankets the dome. ‘Princess’ does fit the cake’s description – the marzipan is in a pretty shade of pastel pink. From my bits of research, I noticed the marzipan’s color does vary, with some of the other common colors being blue and green, and they’re in pastel shades too. Also, IKEA’s version includes a drizzle of chocolate on the marzipan.


Parallel to its appearance, the cake has a lovely softness in texture. Slicing my fork through the layers was seamless. The smooth berry jam contributed a lovely flavor to the white cake (I reckon it’s vanilla) and cream. Marzipan was not overwhelmingly sweet either, and it perfectly complemented the other layers. As for the chocolate drizzle, it didn’t pack a punch but it was a nice touch to the cake’s aesthetics. Just like an orchestra, it executed a harmonious melody of flavors and textures while working together, rather than overshadowing one another. The experience of savoring delicate and decadent delight, in my opinion, fits one of the most adored phrases in the foodie realm – it melts in your mouth.


I was equally excited to taste IKEA’s Daim cake. Hailing from Sweden, Daim is filled with a crunchy blend of almond caramel à la almond toffee/brittle, and coated with smooth milk chocolate. Each bite undoubtedly feels like being teleported into a sweet tooth’s paradise. It’s one of the candies that visitors tend to gravitate towards when visiting IKEA. The beloved Daim stars in a cake that’s also available at IKEA. It’s one of the most well-known desserts among IKEA enthusiasts, especially with those who love chocolate. As a fellow chocolate-lover, was intrigued with this chocolate-loaded cake!


Three words to summarize the cake: Chocolatey, crunchy and caramel-y. The crumbly (I assume cake-like) element was a little on the dry side for me in my initial forkful of the cake slice’s pointed edge. As I chewed on more mouthfuls, the smooth chocolate and crunchy Daim bits were stronger – which was pleasing to my choco-holic palate. Albeit its ‘thin’ layers and shorter height, the cake packs a punch with Daim goodness, hence being the perfect size while maintaining a balance of flavors. I enjoyed it!

Overall, I had a blast tasting IKEA’s desserts. The cakes are very different from each other, and they were both awesome. I loved them!


And a trip to IKEA is incomplete without taking a walk through the massive showroom to have a little look around and adding new items to your collections!


6 thoughts on “Swedish Princess Cake and Daim Chocolate Cake

  1. Princess Cake is my most favorite cake in the world! It is so dainty, pretty and yummy. I love that it is light and not very sweet compared to other cakes. I love Ikea but have not been in years although there is one less than half an hour away from where I live. I am making a list of places to go to after the craziness is over. I am adding Ikea to my list as inspired by you. And I will order a Swedish cake when I go. Hope you are well. Stay safe and healthy! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! Hope you are well too 🙂 So true, that makes the cake spectacular and fit for a princess 👸 Making a list is a great idea, I’m motivated to make one too – thanks for sharing! I can’t wait for things to get back to normal, I miss exploring and finding yummy food. Hope the situation will get better soon for everyone. Take care! 😊

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