Raspberry Jam Biscuits With Cream + ‘Coffee Party’

IKEA’s food market has a lot of buzz from loads of visitors. Packs of raspberry biscuits are available at both the food hall and the food market, where you’ll find bits and bobs of Scandinavian eats. I popped into the food market and found myself being drawn to the stacks of raspberry biscuits. Solely from the images of biscuits printed on the baby pink packaging, I was reminded of jammy dodgers.


Before unwrapping the package, I noticed the word ‘Kafferep‘ in bold capital letters just above a description of the pack’s contents. It seems like the same word appears on other IKEA biscuits’ packages too, hence leading me to the conclusion that Kafferep is likely the name of a series of biscuits. This prompted me to find out what exactly is ‘Kafferep‘, and how it links to the biscuits. Whilst gearing up with my metaphoric sleuthing hat and magnifying glass, I figured it’d be fun to share about it on the blog and do a short review of these ‘jammy dodgers’, especially as I enjoyed reviewing Tesco’s version from the UK.


The biscuits, which are assembled in the form of a ‘sandwich’, are thick and crumbly. The heart motives in the biscuits add soul to the appearance, and the portion of jam that peeks through the heart in the middle reminds me of stained glass windows. It does have a reminiscence to the classic jammy dodger. Those biscuits aren’t too sweet, hence resulting in a balance of both flavors and overall sweetness when fillings enter the equation.


As for the fillings, I love both the cream and raspberry jam. The jam, which is the sweetest element out of all the pieces in the cookie puzzle, is the heart of this biscuit – literally! With a deep ruby color that glistens, the jam has the appearance of jelly but with the smooth consistency of sticky jam. I enjoyed this element the most, but would’ve loved a little more of it! Surrounding the jam’s location in the center is the cream – which doesn’t deflect attention from the jam. It adds a welcomed and soft flavor layer to the biscuit.


Kafferep‘ means ‘coffee party’ in Swedish. From my sleuthing, the closest match to a ‘coffee party’ in Sweden is fika.

Fika is a lifestyle involving coffee breaks while bonding with others – which I reckon explains ‘coffee party’. To me, it’s easier to liken the concept to afternoon tea with a Swedish twist. Fika involves more than just coffee and biscuits (although they’re integral parts to the culture), it’s about connecting with people. From catching up with co-workers to meeting new people or simply hanging out with your pals, fika embodies a social aspect. Carving out time in their daily lives to bond with friends over a cup of coffee whilst savoring teatime-like food is cherished by many. Livin’ la vida fika boosts positive vibes and energy too!


After tasting the raspberry biscuits from IKEA, I realized they’ll be more enjoyable when paired with tea or coffee. This treat clicks perfectly with coffee as it’s meant to be a part of your coffee party!


6 thoughts on “Raspberry Jam Biscuits With Cream + ‘Coffee Party’

    1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve not had them before. A few Pepperidge Farm cookies are available in our local supermarkets. I’m adding the apricot raspberry cookies to my shopping list and will keep an eye out for them in my next trip to the supermarket 🙂

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