Finnish Milk Chocolate With Cappuccino and Hazelnut Nougat + Helsinki

The beauty of being located in the Lion City is its connectivity to different continents and nations. A variety of foods stretching from the Southern Hemisphere all the way to the Northern Hemisphere is available in the island for everyone to experience. This time, I had the opportunity to try something a little different.

Geisha chocolates are ubiquitous and largely beloved in Finland. Apparently, locals enjoy these treats during celebrations and on regular days as well. I selected this flavor in particular as the cappuccino version is a special edition item.

I was pretty excited to bite into this chocolate for 2 reasons:

1. Cappuccino and chocolate is a sensational combination. Furthermore, the idea adding of hazelnut to the two flavor powerhouses is quite intriguing, and

2. It’s my very first time tasting Finnish chocolate (as far as I can remember, at least!).

Fazer (which makes the Geisha chocolates) is highly popular in Finland – their chocolates are treasured in the country’s food culture. From what I’ve noticed, its appreciation and preference by locals is similar to Cadbury in Australia and the UK, Milka in Germany and Hershey’s in the US. There’s a whole array of chocolates and snacks to choose from – mint chocolate, milk chocolate, biscuits and loads more. They make a great Finnish souvenir: anyone with a love for sweets will be especially delighted!


Regular Geisha chocolate comprises of a milk chocolate exterior and a hazelnut nougat inside. This edition throws in a little twist by adding cappuccino in the hazelnut nougat.


Upon opening the box, a whiff of coffee and what I reckoned was toffee greeted me. Each piece is covered with milk chocolate thoroughly, and there aren’t any signs that tell there’s more to the chocolate than meets the eye. Biting into the chocolate was seamless – soft milk chocolate wraps around the nougat, which is soft and slightly firmer than the chocolate but with an addition of crunchy bits that remind me of wafer crumbs.


Cappuccino and hazelnut are blended very nicely in every bite. Typically, coffee would be the most pronounced flavor, but this chocolate is brilliant as cappuccino doesn’t outshine the main elements (i.e. chocolate and hazelnut) that make the Geisha what it is, therefore it seems like this special is staying true to the original concept with a touch of uniqueness. It’s no mystery as to why these chocolates are cherished!


Tasting Finnish chocolate for the first time inspired me to discover more about the country. Joy exudes from Finland – it’s ranked at #1 as the world’s happiest country, according to the World Happiness Report 2019! Penning a post on a Finnish classic isn’t complete without sharing a little bit about the country.

Helsinki is Finland’s capital city. From public saunas (Finland’s known for their astounding saunas) to museums, there’s plenty of places for everyone to explore.

The characteristic that stands out the most to me is that the Helsinki celebrates Finnish arts in various spheres such as food, linguistic arts, visual arts, fashion and interior design. The eclectic city is an artist’s heaven – it’s recognized as a UNESCO Creative City!

The heart of Helsinki’s arts scene is located in the Design District, which is a treat for visitors with an eye for design. The District encompasses several neighborhoods, which means there’s more to see and experience. Gathering inspiration and letting creative juices run sounds like a blissful holiday to me! An array of events are hosted around the District too, including exhibitions and workshops (the workshops are pretty awesome – the ones I discovered include creating your own masterpieces whilst learning about crafts).

Another spot that caught my eye is the Kamppi Chapel in Helsinki, otherwise known as the Chapel of Silence. Having completed construction in 2012, it’s a relatively new building. This contemporary building with a curved exterior has won the hearts of architecture enthusiasts internationally. The Chapel is open to everyone, and it’s a serene environment (hence being dubbed the ‘Chapel of Silence’) where everyone’s encouraged to take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s a lovely location for a spirit recharge.

All in all, Finland’s a wonderful destination to visit, and their chocolate is delightful too!


5 thoughts on “Finnish Milk Chocolate With Cappuccino and Hazelnut Nougat + Helsinki

  1. Such a delicious and uplifting post that you wrote! It’s a culinary and cultural wanderlust! You transported me to Finland and I very much appreciated the escape. You are a marvelous writer. Now I want both the Geisha chocolates and a vacation in Finland! 🙂

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  2. What a delicious treat indeed! As usual, your post is exhaustive and so descriptive. I love chocolate candy and I wish I could eat these right now. I loved the design on the box and the continuing theme in the wrappers. I enjoyed reading about Finland. 🙂

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