Salted Brownie Milk Chocolate + Antwerp, Belgium

The Belgians are known for creating some of the best chocolates in the world (I recently discovered that Godiva was founded in Brussels!) so it’s about time to embark on a Belgian chocolate adventure. Say hallo to my newest vriend, the Salted Brownie Milk Chocolate! This chocolate is available at supermarkets across the Lion City. And, the brand’s name is actually the word ‘Belgian’!


Brownies are some of the most incredible creations in the world. “How on earth would a brownie be portrayed in a chocolate square?” I wondered, as I examined the radiant packaging. Was it going to be a piece of chocolate with brownie bits inside? That’s the only possible explanation… or so I thought.


It turned out that brownies weren’t included in the chocolate, but rather, the chocolate is the brownie.


The ‘brownie’ part refers to the gooey center that you’ll find in brownies, and this chocolate square has an identical effect to an actual brownie. The brownie melts in your mouth, as it’s incredibly soft and smooth. The filling is encased in a thicker milk chocolate exterior. I love that the milk chocolate and brownie parts are distinguished as two different elements and they blend together perfectly. It most certainly reminded me of rich, fudgy brownies!


They’ve nailed the perfect amount of salt too, as it adds a nice balance to the chocolatey treat. The chocolate elements are not removed from a co-starring position. Salt assumes the supporting role and it does so excellently without being silent in its touches to the treat. This is what chocolate dreams are made of.

It’s no secret that I adore Belgian chocolates (or most chocolates, for that matter) and the brownie-salt-chocolate combo is one of my new favorites!


As always, we’re exploring another new location! Belgium, in many ways, reminds me of my home ground. The country is a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds and languages.

Three main languages are recognized in Belgium, namely French, Flemish and German, as Belgium’s neighbors are France, the Netherlands and Germany. Olen (where ‘Belgian’ is from) in located in the Antwerp province. As Antwerp is located in the Flanders region, Flemish is the region’s primary language.

The capital of Antwerp province is the city of Antwerp. It’s fascinating and rich in history – from bits of sleuthing, I learnt that the world’s first printed and published newspaper originates from this city! Antwerp is a port city too, being home to one of the largest seaports in Europe. Their cultural and commercial landscapes are simply amazing.

Antwerp is home to a place where chocoholics converge. It’s none other than a chocolate museum named Chocolate Nation! To me, it sounds like a three-way crossover of Willy Wonka’s factory, an ordinary museum and the TV series called ‘How It’s Made‘. Along with visiting the museum, I would be ready to enter chocolate shops around Antwerp and taste amazing assortments of chocolate. I’d especially keep an eye out for speculoos chocolate truffles (the ‘original’ Biscoff, in chocolate truffle form!).

Speculoos cookies from one of my Christmas cookie posts last year

Apart from its world-class chocolate, Antwerp is known for diamonds. As much as it’s a sweet tooth’s paradise, the city is every jewel enthusiasts’ treasure trove. Located in the city’s central area, the Diamond Quarter is home to all things precious and sparkly. The district is also home to DIVA Museum, which is essentially a diamond museum. Devoting a few hours to admire stunning exhibitions is a wonderful experience. Along with diamonds, DIVA features another beloved material: silver. From teapots to brooches, there’s plenty of creations from different eras to marvel at.

I can’t wait to see where we’re ‘visiting’ next!


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