Orange Crisp Milk Chocolate + Amsterdam

We’re visiting The Netherlands in this post! Droste, a Dutch chocolate brand, has been around for well over a century. Today, they’re known for their chocolate pastilles. There is, quite literally, science behind Droste’s name. ‘Droste’ is named after the ‘droste effect’. A large picture has a smaller picture that is present within itself, which has an effect of going on infinitely. It’s like taking a photo of yourself from the selfie side of your camera while standing in front of a mirror – with your screen facing the mirror while you’re taking your photo.

Choc 1Choc 2Choc 3Choc 4

I was puzzled about the chocolate brand’s name and its connection to the Droste effect. Upon unwrapping the chocolate while they were in the package, it looked like I found the answer. The pastilles are lined together in a seemingly long line that goes on for a bit. It doesn’t go on infinitely, although a row of milk chocolate that never ends is something I’ll never object to!

Choc 5choc 6choc 7choc 8

Why are they called ‘pastilles’? Their shape and size answer the question. These pastilles are round – curved in front and flat behind. They’re almost the size of candy. Each pastille reminds me of Cadbury’s chocolate buttons as their shapes look very similar.

choc 9choc 12Small chewy-ish shards of orange candies are spread across each pastille. Chocolate and orange is a classic combo that I love, and it doesn’t disappoint. The orange part isn’t ‘crisp’ but it was pleasant – sweet and a bit tart, hence complementing milk chocolate nicely. If you’re looking for a milk chocolate crisp effect, it’s best to refrigerate the chocolate (which is what I did as it’s been both warm and rainy here!).

One factor I’ve noticed is the taste of Droste’s milk chocolate is different from British, Aussie and American chocolate. Although my taste buds prefer British and Aussie chocolates as I’m more acquainted to them, I loved tasting these Dutch chocolates. It’s fun to taste milk chocolates that suit different flavor profiles in other regions! Plus, I’ve learnt that “chocolate” is chocola in Dutch, and “orange” is oranje.

Choc 13

I realized quite quickly that there’s loads to see and do in Amsterdam. As such, I’ve chosen to share four things to see and do in the vibrant city. Without further ado, let’s say hallo to Amsterdam!


When I hear the word ‘Amsterdam’, I instantly picture canals surrounded by historic buildings. Canals are part of Amsterdam’s charm, and the city’s Canal Ring (which dates back to the 17th century) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As canals are part of Amsterdam’s soul, I can’t imagine visiting the city without dedicating time to hop on board a boat/canal cruise and embark on a tour. Also, I would keep an eye out for boathouses, as their designs are just so cool.

Visiting Museums

Amsterdam is home to several significant locations that possess historical significance. One of these places is the Anne Frank House, which was Anne Frank’s home in the city and where she penned her globally-acclaimed diary entries. Another museum that is incredibly popular amongst visitors is the Van Gogh Museum, which is dedicated to Vincent van Gogh’s artworks.

Plotting a Pancake Trail

Of course, a trip is incomplete without a foodie trail. With the varieties of pancake selections, you can have pancakes all day long – for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I’ve heard people rave about pancakes in Amsterdam. As a pancake fan, I reckon my very first breakfast in Amsterdam would comprise of their famed pancakes! One of their pancakes, the pannenkoek, is a crossover between French crepes and regular American pancakes. It’s consumed at any time of the day. It’s versatile too, as it can be prepared with either sweet or savory accompaniments.  Another popular pancake is poffertjes, which are small, thick disc-shaped pancakes. Topped with powdered sugar and butter, these fluffy sweet pancakes are a sweet tooth’s dream come true.

Flower Power

If you’re visiting in spring, Keukenhof Gardens is the ultimate location to visit. It’s an area just outside Amsterdam (30-40 minutes by car). The area is a haven for visitors with green thumbs and an appreciation of flower power. This space is filled with an incredible sight of colors and flowers that’ll put a huge smile on visitors’ faces. The experience of visiting a regular florist doesn’t come close to visiting 7 million blooms across over 80 acres of land! It’s a magical moment for everyone, standing around a never-ending garden of colorful fresh flowers. I can easily spend an entire day amidst all those flowers!

Speaking of flowers, another activity you can add to your itinerary is to visit Bloemenmarkt, the now-defunct floating flower market. This place was once the world’s first (and only) floating flower market. Now, it’s buzzes with tourists and souvenir shops. It’ll be a great place to purchase mementos.

Although I snapped this picture in Brisbane, Australia in springtime, these bicycles with flowers in wicker baskets and colorful buntings seem to resemble what I’ve discovered about Amsterdam!

4 thoughts on “Orange Crisp Milk Chocolate + Amsterdam

  1. Thank you for another fun post! Another fun trip to a another beautiful country! I love how you do both chocolate review and virtual travel. I have seen this brand of chocolate here in the Bay Area. Next time I come across it again, I have to try it and imagine a trip to Amsterdam. I have never been to but on my list to visit one day. Your post reminds me of one of the presents that my aunt gave me when I was a kid. She gave me a book on stamp collecting, a postage album and stamps from all over the world. She encouraged me to read up on countries where the stamps came from. She has woken up the wanderlust in me with that present!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading! It brings me great joy to know that you’re enjoying the posts 🙂 Collecting stamps is a cool hobby! Very true. It’s adventurous as you’re exploring the world while bringing different countries and beautiful places into your collection. I hope you enjoy the chocolates when you get them! Hope to visit Amsterdam someday too 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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