Durian-Flavored Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

Happy September, dear friends! And hello, durian. We meet again.

Durian – hailed as the ‘King of Fruits’ – made its debut in my blog last year. In 2019, I tasted mouth-watering steamed durian rice cakes from a place that was featured on the Singapore-themed episode of Netflix’s foodie series, Street Food: Asia. This year, durian is back on the blog!

Just when the world thought that Cadbury’s Vegemite Dairy Milk from Australia is the chocolate powerhouse’s craziest invention yet (to anyone who’s never heard of it, Vegemite is FAR from a chocolate spread! And no, it ISN’T a hazelnut spread!), Cadbury in Southeast Asia has conjured a wackier flavor. There’s a new kid on the Cadbury chocolate block: Durian Dairy Milk.

Funnily, I can ‘tolerate’ durians over Vegemite. Vegemite is basically yeast extract, and durian is a fruit – that’s perhaps why durian wins in my eyes. If I see a spoon of Vegemite or Vegemite-laden foods, I’ll make a dash before you can blink! Having steered away from Vegemite-filled Cadbury blocks a few years ago, I’m living on the confectionery edge through tasting durian milk chocolate here in the Lion City.

A little backstory…

Durian’s flavor isn’t easily likened to any other foods. It has a distinctive taste – sweet, but not too sweet, neither is it savory. The flesh itself is velvety and creamy, and it’s like ice cream when it’s frozen. Everyone has their own opinion on what durian tastes like. In my opinion, durian tastes like… durian. It’s incomparable to other foods!

Despite its spiky appearance (which is inedible, only its sunny yellow flesh can be consumed), durians bring everyone together on the island. Durian fans tend to bond over their shared love of the King of Fruits while tucking into durian platters together at ‘durian parties’. Food is one of the many symbols of unity on the island, and feasting on durians is no exception to that philosophy. Rather, durians emphasize it. This is what I love about the fruit the most: creating cherished memories with amazing people. Nothing can top that!

My taste buds consider durian a friend and it’s safe to say I’m in the ‘yay’ squad. Durian is one of those foods that evoke one of two extreme reactions:

  1. Loving it to bits and discovering more about your flavor palate whilst reaching for yet another piece of this glorious fruit, or
  2. Awakening your inner marathoner and sprinting away in the opposite direction, realizing that you can indeed be a track star if you set your heart to it.

From my viewpoint, durians to the ‘yay’ squad draw an eccentric parallel to characters who befriend Casper the Friendly Ghost – Casper looks terrifying (he is a ghost after all), but these humans soon realize that he’s actually, well, friendly.

Back to chocolate!

This isn’t my first rodeo with durian chocolate: the last and only time I tasted it was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia many moons ago. This is a memory I’ll never forget: it was completely different from any other fruity chocolate I had ever tasted (durian isn’t any ordinary fruit!), and it had a strong scent. The idea of combining chocolate and durian? It could work, as long as it’s executed perfectly by balancing flavors. Fast forward to today, I’m not used to the chocolate-durian combo. As soon as my teeny bit of skepticism had faded (the ‘Casper’ theory in action), I couldn’t resist tasting it.

I’m amazed that durian’s trademark scent (or “aroma”, to the ‘yay’ squad) is mildly-bold in this chocolate. That’s stage 1 of every durian experience: even if it’s out of sight, you can most certainly smell it!

This chocolate bar has executed durian’s taste, without including its flesh or a durian-centered filling. The headlining flavor is infused into the smooth milk chocolate itself. In comparison to my first experience with durian chocolate, Cadbury’s take on durian chocolate eases chocolate enthusiasts into growing accustomed to durian’s flavor. It’s less of a jolt as I wasn’t ‘shoved’ into the world of durian: this version is a gentler nudge. Durian is prominent without being overbearing – that hits the sweet spot for me, personally. It doesn’t have the same flavor punch as actual durians, but I love it.

Cadbury’s signature Dairy Milk chocolate doesn’t fade into the background: it supports durian with its regular sweetness and cocoa-licious flavor.

I’m thrilled that they included little wafer balls, which are like rice krispies. These krispies don’t seem to be flavored with durian, but the fruit’s taste prevails as these crunchy bits are completely covered in chocolate. That addition reminds me of flavored corn snacks in Asia – like delicious Japanese corn caramel snacks – but coated in thick durian chocolate instead of being tossed in a coat of caramel. Now to come to think of it, this chocolate reminds me of an old-school durian-flavored corn snack that’s available here.

I reckon it’s a good bite for anyone who’s pondering on stepping into the world of durians for the very first time. Although the experience of eating actual durians is vastly different from that of munching on a block of chocolate, it’s a great way to be acquainted with the King of Fruits. As for me, I don’t mind tasting durian milk chocolate every now and then!


13 thoughts on “Durian-Flavored Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

  1. i grew up eating durian and never really thought much about it being considered a “strange food” by many. Of course, there is THE smell. 🙂 I love Cadbury Fruits and Nuts. It is one of the few chocolates that I continue to love as an adult. I have outgrown many chocolates (Hershey’s is one) of my childhood but I love Cadbury still. I do not think that Durian Cadbury would replace my love for Fruits and Nuts but I would love to try it! Such an adventurous flavor combo! I have never tried vegemite in my life. I have seen jars of it here and there here in the US. I might just try it one of these days….. Love this post again as always and I guess, most especially because I am familiar with this chocolate brand. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for reading! It’s so interesting that people from various parts of the world classify certain foods as ‘strange’, while we consider them as ‘normal’! Cadbury has been (and is) one of my favorite chocolate brands for the longest time, and I grew up with their chocolates too! My favorite is the regular, plain dairy milk that I loved as a child. The last time I munched on their fruits and nuts version was so many years ago! I liked Hershey’s when I was younger, but I have a softer spot for Cadbury 🙂 If you do taste Vegemite, I hope you’ll like the flavor – my family and friends are divided when it comes to Vegemite! It becomes a friendly debate among us haha 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will put Vegemite on my list of food to try. I always like to try new food and will probably try anything at least once. (Well, almost anything! I draw the line of certain items that are probably not meant to be eaten. Sort of like “Indiana Jones” type of “food”! LOL!) 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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