Strawberry White Chocolate with Strawberry Flakes + Autumn Reverie

Happy October, dear friends! We’ve officially entered the “double digit” months in the calendar (can you believe it’s 10/2020?!) Without further ado, let’s munch on some chocolate.

The final Herhsey’s ice cream-themed chocolate bar is inspired by strawberry ice cream. Named Strawberries ‘N’ Crème, it sounds like an ice cream flavor that everyone is familiar with. Needless to say, like all my foodie adventures, I just had to taste it!

Before getting right into the taste, I was so excited with the chocolate’s beautiful color. As someone who loves purples and pinks, the rosy pink hue is gorgeous! It kind of resembles ruby chocolate, although it isn’t. It has a lovely berry aroma too – it smells as good as it looks!

It’s time to take a bite. They’ve nailed the taste – the chocolate bar reminds me of a scoop of strawberry ice cream that has melted, with sprinkles of strawberries as a topping. Its flavor is good! The flavor has a reminiscence to a classic American strawberry milkshake too. Strawberry ice cream’s flavor is infused in the white chocolate base, resulting in an ice cream-ish creamy strawberry experience. This chocolate bar is most definitely fit for anyone who treasures strawberries, or berries in general.

Strawberry Shortcake, an iconic cartoon character from the 80s/90s/early-mid 2000s, will squeal in delight if she sees this chocolate – and take a huge bite after that!

To add a little contrast in texture and flavor, specks of strawberry bits make an appearance in every bite. I love this addition, as it adds another dimension to strawberry’s sweet flavor. The combo of strawberry ice cream’s flavor, white chocolate and strawberry flakes makes me believe that this flavor would be a great Starbucks drink, considering that last year’s autumnal frappe, Vanilla Fig, comprised of a vanilla crème frappe base with fig syrup and freeze-dried figs.

So simple, so berry delicious. The spirit of autumn has clearly waved it magic wand over me, as the chocolate reminds me this enchanting season – thanks to strawberry flakes. As I chewed on a piece of chocolate, I recalled being surrounded by autumn foliage as I strolled around Newcastle’s charming city (the Aussie Newcastle). Newcastle echos scenes from magical stories that are set in small towns that feature some of the cutest high-street shops I’ve seen and lined with preserved heritage buildings that made me stop in my tracks and say “If only these walls could speak!”.

Autumn in Newcastle, NSW

Those crunchy strawberries bring me back to walking on crunchy ember and brown-hued leaves on sidewalks in Australia while donning a pair of boots and the rest of an autumn wardrobe ensemble (beanie, knitted jumper, etc.) – that’s the epitome of bliss.

As much as I enjoyed cool seasons in other cities, there’s nothing like my Newcastle autumn experience. If I can select a name for a feel-good cozy movie that represents my view on autumn in this setting, it’ll be “Autumn Reverie”, as I’m having an autumn reverie right now!

All in all, I had fun tasting this chocolate!


5 thoughts on “Strawberry White Chocolate with Strawberry Flakes + Autumn Reverie

  1. Oh, I love your Autumn post! I love your title for your feel-good, cozy Autumn movie — “Autumn Reverie.” If a producer decides to make this movie (or if you do!), I will definitely watch it. I love to watch holiday movies starting in autumn when the weather gets chilly and the leaves start to fall. I had Hershey’s strawberry and cream flavor in the past but I do not remember it looking this pretty. It looked like a typical chocolate bar but tasted good. And thank you for your travel story. I particularly enjoyed the coziness of this one! 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind and sweet words! I love everything about autumn – it’s my favorite season, along with Christmastime in winter 🙂 Same here, my holiday movie nights have officially begun! 🙂 I didn’t realize that Hershey’s has a strawberry chocolate bar before my trip to the shops, and I couldn’t leave the shelf without adding a bar into my basket 🙂


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