Banana Candy with Milk Chocolate and Sprinkles from Japan

A fruit that is taking the dessert world by storm is the banana. Let’s just say, the world is going bananas for bananas. Bananas have always been around in the dessert realm, but the resurgence of this fruit commenced when everyone was seeking comfort and joy. Bananas escalated into further stardom recently: banana bread became a hit amongst bakers this year while everyone was staying at home. I, too, have dabbled in the world of banana treats in 2020 – namely banana popsicle ‘nice creams’ back in the summer.

Before saying sayonara to 2020, it’ll be fun to explore bananas’ contributions to the sweet tooth world, beyond loaves and ‘nice creams’. I’ve noticed banana-related snacks for some time now – such as banana marshmallows, Tokyo Banana (a Japanese cake-like confection), chocolate-flavored Pocky sticks coated in a banana-flavored layer, banana-flavored Choco Pies, and Choco Banana Kit Kats. The list is endless, and I spotted another banana-themed Japanese candy kit whilst having a peek around a mall that I had not visited in nearly six months.

The adventure commenced as soon as I spotted the candy kit. It initially caught my eye because of the colorful illustrations! I took a leap and purchased it because I don’t recall tasting banana candy in recent times – partly because I am not adventurous in the candy world. When it comes to sweet bites, my picks lean to chocolates for as long as I can remember, with sprinklings of candies occasionally. As Halloween is nearly upon us and trick-or-treating is modified this year in many parts of the world, I thought it’ll be fun to share some candy that can be enjoyed in the comforts of home. On a personal note, it fits my foodie mantra of trying something new.

In good ol’ Japanese candy kit fashion, everything in the package has been thought through carefully – a plastic tray with different compartments to place various elements, and a toothpick-looking skewer (perhaps more so a toothpick as a makeshift skewer!) are included. The headliners are prepared well too: a blue-colored packet containing a chocolate sauce, a transparent packet of sprinkles which greeted me with its pops of blue and yellow tones, and six pieces of sunny-like banana candy.

Assembling everything is as easy as pie, and so are dipping the candies in chocolate and sprinkles!

Undoubtedly, banana candies are the stars of this foodie adventure. I can’t help but imagine smiley Minions when I see these candies – I spotted the Minions movie on TV last week, that probably explains it! Plus, Minions are fond of bananas! In my introductory bite, sweetness greeted me first (it is candy, after all), closely followed by a taste of banana. Each piece is pretty thick and chewy. Those pieces vaguely remind me of candies that are similar to selections at a pick ‘n’ mix shop – with a banana twist. I reckon candy enthusiasts who adore pick ‘n’ mix candies would love to have a bite of this sweet!

Personally, the smooth milk chocolate is my favorite element (which isn’t a surprise!). It tastes like regular Japanese milk chocolate, and it brings a welcomed effect: cocoa reduces the intensity of sweetness. The chocolate is surprisingly thick, hence reminding me of Nutella that’s been removed from the fridge. Coating the candy pieces was seamless (hooray!). Thick chocolate meant that the sprinkles would remain on the candies as soon as it was their turn in the dipping process. I love the little crunch from those sprinkles which look quite edgy from regular colorful sprinkles, and the color palette matches the colors of Minions’ uniforms (blue overalls) and their large googly eyes!

Chocolate and banana do actually work well together in the candy realm, which is something I’ve never really considered before. Now to come to think of it, munching on banana treats and watching Despicable Me on Halloween is enticing! Have a Happy Halloween, dear friends!


3 thoughts on “Banana Candy with Milk Chocolate and Sprinkles from Japan

  1. How fun! They do look like minions! 🙂 I hope to find these Japanese candies here so I can get them for my nephews. Maybe when Japantown in San Francisco opens up, I will look for them. And by the way, I joined the banana bread craze. I cannot remember how many dozen loaves I already baked since March! 🙂 Thank you for your fun posts! They make me smile. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂 Banana-filled treats have added some brightness and joy to the world this year, and they’ll continue to bring more smiles and comfort 🙂 I hope you’ll get to enjoy these candies with your nephews and have loads of fun whilst tasting them 😊

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