Banana and Milk Chocolate ‘Choco Banana’ Kit Kat

Happy June, dear friends! As a fan of chocolates, tasting unique Kit Kats from around the world is one of my favorite foodie experiences. These fun creations tend to make appearances in my shopping hauls when they appear at the chocolate aisle. In my trip to the shops, I was instantly intrigued with a new Kit Kat flavor that I have yet to taste. Hence, a delicious Kit Kat has joined the summer edition of my snack stash. It’s time to say hello to the Choco Banana Kit Kat!

Famously known as a member of Japan’s myriad of interesting Kit Kat flavors, the Choco Banana Kit Kat has reached the Lion City’s shores with its own distinctive vibes from the Japanese version. Made in neighboring Malaysia, this Kit Kat is dedicated to Minions – yes, those eccentric and lovable sunshine-yellow creatures in blue overalls and googly goggles with an obsession for bananas. The Minions’ appearance in the choco banana Kit Kats is a collaboration between Universal and Kit Kat in anticipation of their newest movie that is set to premiere next year titled ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’. With their immense love for the fruit, choco banana definitely fits the Minions’ taste buds to a ‘T’.

Needless to say, my Minion friend was ready for a feast!

The Rise of Choco Banana

Waving my metaphoric magnifying glass over the words “choco banana”, I noticed that the term defines foods that primarily feature chocolate and banana as leading flavor notes. Many of these banana-chocolate combinations are classics.

From a little sleuthing on the choco banana realm, I realized that one of the most popular ‘choco banana’ creations is chocolate banana pops that usually appear in the summertime. This form of choco banana is essentially chocolate-dipped bananas (oftentimes, the bananas are frozen) on skewers, which are then bedazzled with divine toppings for an added crunch – pistachios is one of my favorite toppings. Other chocolate-banana desserts exist in the sweet tooth world, and chocolate banana loafs and chocolate banana crepes are just some of the comfort food picks that most of us gravitate toward. It’s no wonder why the Minions love them as well!

The choco banana trail has expanded beyond the traditional routes, as this beloved flavor is placing its stamp on famous sweet eats. Some of the choco banana-inspired fare I’ve spotted on the island thus far include banana-chocolate candy kits from Japan, Pocky’s choco banana biscuit sticks, McDonald’s seasonal choco banana pie, banana-flavored Chocopies and, of course, the choco banana Kit Kats.

Back to The Kit Kats

Each pack comprises of 5 regular-sized Kit Kats, hence the “2F” size classification on the packaging that stands for 2 fingers. The wrappers come in two designs: one of them features a cheerful one-eyed Minion, and the other Minion peeks out with two narrowed eyes.

The packaging is rather ambiguous about where the banana’s touch is included in these Kit Kats, but my first guess is that the chocolate is banana-flavored milk chocolate based on the short description. I was ready for my taste buds to guide me in this foodie adventure!

Upon unwrapping my first choco banana Kit Kat, I was surprised to discover that the wafers look exactly like a regular 2-finger KitKat milk chocolate bar. This is one of those eats that represents the foodie definition of “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Although there aren’t any signs of bananas visually, banana’s aroma greeted me instantly. Taking a peek inside, the banana-colored wafer element is a layered stack of thin wafers and a cream filling. With a piqued curiosity, I couldn’t wait any longer to take a bite!

From the get-go, cocoa’s signature note does not conceal banana’s flavor. The bold wave of banana is blended into Kit Kat’s quintessential milk chocolate coat. In my introductory bite, banana stood out more, but soon after, milk chocolate’s flavor came through when my taste buds were a little more acquainted with the banana’s presence. It didn’t take long for me to get used to banana’s role, though. Interestingly, the flavors remind me of banana bread with chocolate chunks inside! The choco banana coat is undeniably a star in this sweet experience.

While the wafer adds a crunch to the chocolate like good old regular Kit Kats, banana’s presence in the wafer is incredibly gentle. It almost tastes like regular Kit Kat wafers to my palate, with a slight banana edge. Since banana’s appearance is predominantly in the milk chocolate, its taste is stronger when you munch on the two ends of the chocolate fingers. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the waffle wafer stack’s notable taste as well, because it refines the chocolate coat by being a great canvas that allows the headlining flavors to shine.

Like me, I reckon the Minions will award this Kit Kat with a ‘yay’, as it embodies the soul of choco banana wonderfully. Furthermore, I’m glad I can add another flavor to the list of Kit Kats I’ve eaten!


6 thoughts on “Banana and Milk Chocolate ‘Choco Banana’ Kit Kat

  1. Oh my goodness! I had no idea that Kit Kat made any flavors other than the traditional one! Wow, the way you’ve written this makes me taste the flavors and smell the aroma through the screen. 😀 Beautifully done!

    I can see how these flavors would blend well together. Sounds like they’ve created a winner for you? And I agree with you – it is really neat to taste different variations of our favorite candies from around the world. It is truly a simple pleasure to enjoy in life!

    Thank you for sharing this with all of us! It was a fun read. Sending loads of love to you and yours with hopes that there are many more yummies to come! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading! 🙂 I hope the banana Kit Kat is available in your location too. The flavor combination is indeed delightful!

      Tasting Kit Kat’s creative creations is always heaps of fun – their R&D team is amazingly talented in creating fascinating flavors and concepts that aren’t typically seen in chocolates. I can’t wait to see what they will introduce next!

      You are absolutely right, enjoying candies is a simple pleasure that brings immense joy.

      Have a beautiful weekend and God bless 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had not seen nor heard of a banana Kit Kat. I would be totally up for trying one. I am so bored by the minions, so it would be a pleasure ripping the wrapper off and chucking them in the bin. Great closeup shots!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! I hope you will get to taste it too. Kit Kat’s unique flavors never cease to amaze me. The advertising world seems to adore the Minions, their presence will be increasing with the new movie though… I reckon this Kit Kat is the first step towards another Minions craze!

      Liked by 1 person

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