Peach and Passion Fruit Jaffa Cakes

Saying that 2020 is a strange year is an understatement. Amidst everything that the world has witnessed, 2020 has been a year that sparked inspirations to make lemonade out of lemons. It has showed us that a spirit of love, kindness and resilience is what the world needs. Hearing stories of hope, unity and perseverance are some of the things that made me smile this year.

Before we conclude 2020’s chapter, let’s dive into our final sweet bite of the year! Following my tradition (which began in 2019!) of featuring an “oldie but a goldie” that has been re-invented in the final post of the year, I discovered something that certainly fits the theme.

It’s been practically forever since I plotted a trip to Marks & Spencer in the Lion City. Most of my shopping time at Marks & Spencer is always dedicated to wandering around the snacks and sweets aisles. I was elated to finally pop into an M&S during the holidays, to treat my eyes to their beloved bakes just before the year draws to a close. Furthermore, it’s been way too long since I last added an M&S treat to the snack stash. My much-awaited shopping trip didn’t disappoint, because I spotted something that I’ve never seen before: a rendition of jaffa cakes.

Apparently, this M&S confection made an appearance in the UK several years ago. Fast forward to today, it’s available here on the island!

A jaffa cake is a cookie-sized cake which comprises of three layers: chocolate, orange jam and a genoise sponge cake. A creation by McVitie and Price in the late 1920s and loved by generations of sweet tooths, it’s a superstar in the British teatime hall-of-fame.

When I think of jaffa cakes, the first image that is projected in my mind is a crate of large, juicy oranges. After all, the cakes’ trademark jam from jaffa oranges (traditionally, at least) puts the ‘jaffa’ in ‘jaffa cakes’. Peach and passion fruit? These aren’t two fruits you’d think of when you hear the words ‘jaffa cakes’. Well, it turns out that this combo does exist! I couldn’t leave M&S without these intriguing jaffa cakes. They shall be acquainted to the snack stash!

Instead of orange’s zesty taste, my taste buds were greeted by a jaffa cake jam combination like no other. The fruit element, which comprises of both passion fruit and peach juices, is glossy and wonderfully jammy. To me, it has a slight reminiscence of an iced passion fruit and peach tea, but more pronounced and sans tea.

Tart passion fruit, which adds a tangy edge, and refreshing peach come together in a heavenly bite. Dark chocolate tones and refines passion fruit’s tart burst, and it allows peach to appear. The mini, mild-vanilla genoise cakes are soft, firm and delicate at the same time. These little cakes are perfect bases to feature the unique jam in every bite. Placing another stamp on the jaffa cake realm, M&S’ jaffa cakes are rounded-rectangles, instead of the usual cookie-like circle shape.

The thing about jaffa cakes that constantly occurs when you unwrap them is that nobody stops at one piece. Before you know it, your hand is stretched into your pack of these little cakes and your fingers have grabbed another piece that is ready to be chomped on. These jaffa cakes undoubtedly tick the ‘moreish’ box. Even though the flavor equation is fit for sunny days (peach + passion fruit = summer), I’ll say “yes” to these cakes in a heartbeat. While raindrops drizzle outside my window, I’m sitting on the couch and gleefully munching on these delicious delights!

That’s a wrap for this year’s posts on the blog! Have a happy new year, dear friends! See you in 2021 🙂


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