Winter Spiced Biscuit Chocolate + Merry Christmas!

There are only two days left until Christmas! With Santa’s upcoming arrival and Christmas music playing in the background (Shakin’ Stevens’ Merry Christmas Everyone, to be precise), the time has come to bring out the spices!

Having kicked off the Christmas series with chestnuts, it’s only fitting to conclude with another ingredient/flavor that I have a long-standing ‘frenemy’ relationship with: cinnamon. Christmas is the season that brings people together, and I believe that the same magic works with foodies and flavors. Additionally, having touches of spice is a hallmark of Christmas spreads. This year, we’re meeting another member of the holiday spice realm: Spiced Biscuit chocolate by Ritter Sport.

“Snow is falling, All around me, Children playing, Having fun…”

As Ritter Sport is from Germany, I embarked on a little journey to discover what ‘spiced biscuit’ means in Germany. With my handy metaphoric magnifying glass and festive sleuthing hat, I discovered that apart from lebkuchen, Germans love their spekulatius (German speculoos) and pfeffernüsse – both are members of the ‘festive spiced biscuit’ squad and deliver the holly and jolly spirit.

Ritter Sport’s spiced biscuit comprises of a literal spiced butter biscuit, which I reckon is a spin to traditional biscuits while paying homage to them through flavors. Based on the windmill cookie in the backdrop of the blissful ice skating scene in the snow globe on the packaging, I’m guessing that the chocolate block is inspired by speculoos.

“…It’s the season, Of love and understanding, Merry Christmas everyone”

Bringing festive spices to the chocolate scene is special for chocolate enthusiasts, because it’s usually often available at Christmastime or in winter! Having sat in the festive snack stash for a few weeks with the intention of being unwrapped at a time that’s closer to Christmas day, I couldn’t wait any longer to sink my teeth into a piece. Show me the chocolate!

Season’s Greetings, Frosty!

Comprising of smooth spiced milk chocolate and a crunchy spiced butter biscuit, festive spices are celebrated in each piece of chocolate. It tastes like Christmas! The notes from spices seem to be close to speculoos (or spekulatius). Speculoos comprise of a spice blend – which typically includes nutmeg, cloves, mace and cinnamon, to name a few of the spices. Cinnamon’s flavor note stands out to me, but in the most wonderful of ways. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… I reckon I’ve saved the best treat for last. Instead of dashing away in the speed of Santa’s reindeers on the night of Christmas Eve, I’m reaching for another piece before anyone can say “speculoos”! This is a Christmas miracle!

Peeking inside, the butter biscuit’s brown hue is reminiscent to cute, windmill-shaped shortcrust speculoos. I’ve not encountered a speculoos-inspired butter biscuit before, hence making the experience a lot more special. The biscuit component is actually a large butter biscuit that has been coated with chocolate. This means that each piece looks rugged after being divided by hand, which is exactly what Frosty did! Biscoff fans will adore this treat to bits, since Biscoff is practically speculoos’ sibling. Throwing in some marshmallows with this chocolate will add smores to the speculoos family tree.

Milk chocolate is the perfect canvas to feature festive spices, hands-down. It brings out speculoos’ spirit fabulously while placing its cocoa-licious stamp on the treat to make it unique. Much to the joy of my taste buds, the spices aren’t overwhelming as a whole. Chocolate doesn’t overshadow spices either. In my eyes, this sweet addition appeals to both spice-lovers and those of us who prefer taking tiny tiptoe steps when entering the world of cinnamon. Co-starring in this sweet Christmas production, the flavor notes are like peas in a pod. They’re worthy of a standing ovation!

“Let’s feast!” – Frosty

Have a blessed Christmas, dear friends. May this Christmas bring peace and hope to one and all!


4 thoughts on “Winter Spiced Biscuit Chocolate + Merry Christmas!

  1. I do love cinnamon and look forward to the holidays just to smell the scent of cinnamon even though it is available year round. “It tastes like Christmas!: and Speculoos, consider me sold! 🙂 Love your Frosty Christmas decor as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🙂 So true! I tend to match cinnamon with the holidays too! The holidays just aren’t complete without a touch of cinnamon 🙂 It brings the feelings of warmth and nostalgia – even for anyone like me who isn’t a huge cinnamon lover!

      Liked by 1 person

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