Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly at Starbucks in Singapore

It began as another regular Starbucks visit for me. Having tried the spring-themed azuki and sakura frappes, I’ve been ordering my favorite green tea frappe and my second-favorite caramel frappe while waiting for the menu’s switch-up. It turned out that I wouldn’t have to wait any longer because the next two latest drinks have made their debut in Singapore – and they’re quite a mouthful to recite when placing orders! Not to mention, it makes quite a lengthy post title too!


As began scanning the Starbucks menu, my eyes fell on the chalkboard panel above the counter that highlights the latest additions to this season’s specials – Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly, and Yuzu Honey Jelly Yogurt. The BEST part is that they are frappes, which is my favorite drink from Starbucks!

The chocolate one was an instant pick for me because of two reasons: firstly, I love chocolate, so anything with the word ‘chocolate’ in it is a top contender for me; and secondly, I’m allergic to yogurt. As such, I’m giving the yogurt one a miss but if you’re keen on trying it out, I’m sure it’ll be a good experience as I’ve yet to hear about such a combination elsewhere.

While cola-flavored tea is probably one of the strangest teas that I’ve heard of, I was yet to come across a combination of black tea, earl grey tea, java chips and chocolate in one drink. The frappe’s enticing idea of taking a ‘vacay’ is intriguing, especially because I couldn’t – and still can’t – really figure out how it’ll be a part of a holiday, but who can resist the tempting idea of feeling relaxed amid the Lion City’s hustle and bustle? Enter a realm of relaxation for 15 minutes – yes please!


When I first saw my tall-sized frappe, it occurred to me that it looks like an elevated boba (bubble tea) drink, with jelly right at the bottom instead of pearls. It’s basically a frappe boba!


The frappe itself tastes like a normal chocolate frappe to me, with the addition of a black tea aftertaste. For the final touches, a swirl of whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder sat on top of the frappe. The punch of flavor from the fragrant and soft earl grey jelly shines as well, and it isn’t sweet at all.


The awesome special straw that was handed to me by the friendly barista was absolutely perfect as I had a burst of earl grey with each sip of the chocolatey-black tea frappe. [Do remember to collect the straw from the barista if you’re going for this frappe!]

Starbucks is once again pushing the frappe boundaries, especially with this tea-licious drink, and I’m enjoying their creations.

What’s even more interesting is that this drink (minus the jelly) is available in a hot drink version if you’d like a hot drink. Considering that it has been raining almost daily here, it seems like a cozy option on a somewhat cold and very wet day in Singapore.

This is by far one of the most astonishing and creative Starbucks drinks that I’ve ever tried.


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