Recently, I’ve been going down memory lane by admiring photos from my Sydney and Newcastle trip. Sydney is one of my most favourite cities in the world. Just like all cities in Australia, Sydney has its own distinct soul. While Sydney’s home to the corporate world, there’s more to the city than just suits and skyscrapers. It’s where you can find anything and everything for different interests – from music to amusement parks and beaches, there’s something for everyone.

I summarized a list of things that I enjoyed while visiting Sydney. I’m a traveler who enjoys a “chilled” itinerary with a dash of adventure and a sprinkle of spontaneity. Without further ado, here’s 5 of my must-do/visit/try list for a trip to Sydney:

Explore the city via train – one of my most memorable experiences in Sydney. It’s much cheaper than taking a taxi anywhere and it’s better than being on the road in my opinion as I love hopping on and off trains. Plus, it’s much cheaper especially if you purchase an opal card. You’ll have great views of the city too while travelling, which is a bonus!


Embark on a day-trip – a lovely place to visit is Newcastle in the Hunter Valley. Being 3 hours away, I felt like I’d stepped into a completely different realm. Newcastle is undergoing some developments now, but it’s a nice short break from the big city – it has a town-like and warm atmosphere. It’s also easier to navigate Newcastle’s city area with the new light rail line. I recommend taking the train to get there and back.


Restaurant-hopping or café-hopping – Sydney’s home to some a plethora of cuisines from many corners of the world, and it’s a must-do if you’re into the foodie scene. Being an international city, being in Sydney is also the best opportunity to try as many cuisines as possible. I even had the delicious momo (Nepalese dumplings) for the very first time and devoured a succulent Thai grilled chicken dish all in the CBD’s vicinity!


Visit the local market(s) – As I mentioned in a previous post from way back, I remember hearing a host on a travel show share that the place where you’ll truly connect with the destination you’re in is the local markets. If you’re into visiting markets, Sydney isn’t short of them. Market City in Haymarket is a large space where you can find spices, food, clothes and more all under one roof. It’s probably one of the easiest markets to visit location-wise, especially if you’re staying in the CBD.


Circular Quay – to round up my list, I saved probably the most spectacular part for last – visiting Circular Quay. Circular Quay’s home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Seeing them in-person is a completely different experience from seeing them on TV. They’re magnificent and you’ve GOT to visit them when you’re in Sydney. If you’ve yet to visit them, you’ve haven’t really been to Sydney (at least from tourists’ eyes). It’s definitely a memorable experience especially if you’re seeing them for the very first time in real life. The first time I saw them in real life is unforgettable.

SYD Harbour BridgeSYD Opera House


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