Belgian Waffle Butter Biscuits

This week, we’re ‘back’ in Belgium! I’ve been craving another mini ‘trip’ so without further ado, let’s see what we’re biting into and where we’re jet setting to today!

Available at my local supermarket, Jules Destrooper is another cookie brand that is completely new to me. The biscuits in this box were a little intriguing – are they stroopwafles in the form of butter cookies? There’s only one way to find out!



What’s more fascinating is the brand’s royal connection. From what I gathered through bits of sleuthing (yes, my metaphoric magnifying glass is back!), Jules Destrooper one of the preferred brands of the Belgian Royal Family! It has been granted a royal warrant by the Belgian King. Based on what I’ve discovered, brands that have received a royal warrant are suppliers to the Belgian Court. The list is updated annually, and Jules Destrooper has retained its spot for some time.

Jules Destrooper originates from the Lo-Reninge area in West Flanders. The capital of West Flanders is Burges (Brugge in Flemish), which is an hour away. West Flanders is part of the Flemish-speaking area in Belgium (a language that’s very close to Dutch).


Solely from appearance, they’re the cross of butter cookies and waffles. The aroma of a buttery baked sweet treat introduces itself with a bold “HELLO!” upon opening the individual packets. Their tastes are pretty similar to their scents: the waffle one (comes in 3’s) is quite buttery and less sweet to my taste, while the flatter one (comes in 4’s) with the ‘JD’ markings is sweeter. Also, I realized that the former is softer in texture, and the latter is crunchier.



I was elated to see that each packet had more than one biscuit – I bet true blue butter biscuit fans won’t stop with just one piece, therefore making snacking much easier!


The waffles’ intricate details and aesthetics remind me of what I’ve discovered about Bruges. The four ‘JD’ biscuits remind me of buildings with waffle-y shaped roofs. It exudes an old school charm, which is quintessentially West Flanders.

Bruges looks like the setting of fairy tales. Cobble stone roads and lanes, the cutest neo-Gothic buildings and magical bridges arched over pristine canals make Bruges truly special. You can live out your royal fantasies with horse-drawn carriage rides to tour the town, and I’m most certain that the carriages aren’t pumpkins originally! Stepping into the town feels like you’ve stepped into a story book, as a massive chunk of medieval history has been preserved.


Coming back to the biscuits, I have to admit: they aren’t a 100% suited to my personal palate, but I do have a favorite between the two of them. The four flatter biscuits have an edge over the waffle-y trio in my opinion – they’ve got crunch and sweetness, which make them my pick out of the two. The bits that I like remind me of Danish butter cookies with sprinkled sugar crystals which I adore, but Jules Destrooper’s biscuits are thinner and crispier! Nevertheless, tasting different bites from around the world and learning about what people love is always a treat to me. It’s fun spotting similarities in various foods too!



6 thoughts on “Belgian Waffle Butter Biscuits

  1. These waffley biscuits sound very intriguing. They look like mini waffles. I love waffles – I wonder, have you tried dipping them in chocolate? Anyway, it’s quite fascinating to read about food from different parts of the world.

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