Mango and Passion Fruit White Chocolate

Happy August, dear friends! We’re beginning this month with a summery supermarket find.


If there’s one new thing I’ve learnt about the realm of European snacks and treats this year, it’s that they tend to push the envelope every now and then by exploring foods and flavors beyond their home grounds. We’re acquainted with the New York cookie from the Netherlands, and this week, we’re meeting our second ‘crossover’ treat.

Say hola and hallo to Ritter Sport’s Buenos Dias chocolate. Crated by Ritter Sport (a German chocolate brand), this chocolate is inspired by Costa Rica. German chocolate meets the tropics – that’s unmissable! Buenos dias is “good morning” in Spanish, which is Costa Rica’s official language. It is a member of the special summer 2020 range, which revolves around a bright tropical theme.

It seems like Germans enjoy visiting places where the sun continuously shines in summertime, when the climate for chilling at the beach (don’t forget sunscreen!) is as good as it gets. Located in Central America, Costa Rica is a tropical paradise. It only has two seasons: rain (from May to December) and shine (from mid-December/January to April). Living in the tropics, I can see where they’re going with the flavor combo: you really can’t go wrong with passion fruit and mango, especially when the sun is out and about. Sweet, refreshing fruits are glorious as they help to keep you cool.


Costa Rica is indeed home to passion fruit and mangoes, and they’re well-loved by locals and tourists alike. I’m glad that the chocolate shares Costa Rica’s charm whilst merging with one of Germany’s favorite chocolates.


“Milky!” was my first impression. As soon as white chocolate’s milky wave came through, a velvety fruity element introduced itself. This element is a combo of passion fruit and mango. In the name of science, I chewed on another piece thoughtfully to determine what I was tasting exactly. White chocolate is prominent, but in a positive manner. The filling isn’t completely overpowered by white chocolate, but rather, it uses white chocolate as a canvas to paint fruity strokes. Between the two fruits, passion fruit’s tartness shines more in my opinion, followed by mango’s sweetness.


Surprise! This chocolate isn’t completely excluded from the crunch club, as there are bits of fruity-tasting crisps. Sunny yellow elements are completely camouflaged, that is, until you bite into them or dissect the chocolate squares! This part of the filling is a little more tart, and it works excellently with white chocolate and the creamy interior.


As I munched on another piece, I came to the realization that white chocolate is a perfect accompaniment to the filling, because milk chocolate or dark chocolate will be more overpowering. Matching chocolates with fillings to bring out the best tastes and experiences is fascinating. A great chocolate base makes a huge difference!



In my opinion, they did well with age-old tropical favorites. It’s a lovely introduction to Costa Rica through one of the world’s most cherished foods: chocolate.


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13 thoughts on “Mango and Passion Fruit White Chocolate

  1. I love passion fruit. It’s only available in the hills and the hybrid version of it is quite awful. Wonderful combination indeed. Three well loved ingredients fused to create a delicious chocolate! I’m salivating looking at the photos.

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  2. When I saw your photos, I went straight to my treats cabinet to look for white chocolate. I did not find any. Darn! Then I went online to see if I can find this chocolate in the Bay Area. I found Ritter Sport but just the plain milk chocolate kind or with hazelnut. Next time I will really remember to grab a white chocolate bar so next time I see a delicious post from you about chocolates, I will have one handy! Fun and mouthwatering post. I wish I can try this white chocolate and mango combo. I bet it is divine! I have been to Costa Rica twice. Beautiful tropical country with delicious tropical fruits and awesome coffee. Happy August! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I can totally relate to the feeling of reaching into my cupboard for a chocolate bar or snack, only to find out that it’s empty haha! I think the season for Ritter Sport’s summer range is coming to an end, as my local supermarket has just re-stocked with regular Ritter Sport milk chocolates. I can’t wait to see seasonal goodies for fall and winter! A trip to Costa Rica sounds like a dream vacay! 😊

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  3. Hi! I tried this chocolate and it’s definitely one of my favourites this year.
    I tried it also because I collect all wrappers form Ritter Sport, and I was wondering if you could help me collecting this one, because it’s a bit different from the one sold in Italy. Your version has a mistake where they say “frutto DELLE passione” instead of the correct version “frutto DELLA passione.” and I’d love to get one copy of your version. Of course I will gladly cover all expenses. If you accept, you can write to my email address, thank you very much.

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    1. Hi Alex, thank you for your comment! Collecting Ritter Sport wrappers sounds awesome, the 2020 summer wrappers are some of my favorites that I’ve seen so far. Thanks for sharing about the error in the Italian translation on the wrapper – this is fascinating! Unfortunately, this chocolate (and the summer 2020 range) is now unavailable at shops in my location, as we’re transitioning to autumn treats. I’m not entirely sure about its international availability online, as the season has concluded in shops here. So sorry, and thank you for reading my post. I hope you will find some interesting wrappers for autumn and winter. Have a great day!


      1. Yeah, it’s quite challenging, especially when they sell different flavours in different markets. Now I’ve got more than 500 different wrappers, and I’m ready for the next ones! Thanks for your kind reply, and I will keep reading your great website!

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      2. Thank you so much! Wow, you have an amazing collection! It’s a lot of fun discovering chocolate flavors and designs that different regions and cultures love. I hope more flavors will arrive in my city soon, and in your location too! Thanks again 🙂


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