Yogurt, Honey and Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

Another classic foodie FOMO moment had sprung. And if it’s the last piece of a limited edition range that is sitting all by itself on the shelf, FOMO arises. I’m happy I got my hands on this coveted chocolate. Based on how ‘lonely’ the chunk of chocolate was (and that the row was replenished with another selection from Ritter Sport’s permanent range after that), I may or may not have purchased the very last one!


There’s another dairy ingredient that’s collaborating with chocolate: yogurt! We’re diving into another fusion sweet – German milk chocolate with a Moroccan-inspired filling. This chocolate is part of Ritter Sport’s summer 2020 range.

Morocco is one of the places that is new to me from a foodie sense, which makes this experience all the more exciting. The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of Morocco is their gorgeous lantern-style pendant lights, followed by Moroccan mint tea. I’ve seen episodes of travel TV shows that feature Marrakesh, and the image of being surrounded by colorful lights in a market is stunning. And, ‘marhaba‘ means ‘hello’, which is this chocolate’s name!


Sunny matte packaging wraps the chocolate. That cute camel reminds me of Brisbane’s annual Christmas parade, which includes the Three Wise Men riding on actual camels in the city center! Summer is in December in the the Southern Hemisphere, which is perfect for camel strolls and carols. It’s an unmissable experience – seeing camels stroll by with skyscrapers around them! Of course, going on a camel ride in Morocco brings the camel experience to another level.


Coming back to chocolate, I was intrigued with the dairy-on-dairy idea. You wouldn’t typically find chocolate bars with yogurt in them at regular supermarkets here. Will milk chocolate and yogurt be a winning combo? Or will two worlds collide?


I never thought I’ll say this, but yogurt in milk chocolate is pretty wonderful. Two flavor layers stand out to me the most: sweet and tangy. Smooth milk chocolate and crunchy honey bits are the sweet parts, a slight tanginess originates from yogurt, and a dash of nuttiness completes the experience.

Each piece is a nice blend of flavors that doesn’t result in an alien-like treat that nobody has ever encountered before. It vaguely reminds me of yogurt bars, but better: chocolatey and more indulgent – key characteristics of great chocolate bars. The combo is like a ‘nutritious’ breakfast, encased in a chocolate block – hence making it a dream breakfast of champions (but really, don’t consume chocolate bars for brekkie!)


I’ve yet to discover any elaborations on how Ritter Sport was inspired to create this chocolate. As such, I went on another sleuthing adventure to get to the root of how this trio of ingredients in the filling are celebrated in the region. From sleuthing, I learnt about an ingredient used in Middle Eastern cuisine known as ‘labneh’.

What is labneh? It is Greek yogurt’s sibling. Labneh is basically Greek yogurt with its whey strained out, hence the cream cheese-like texture. Normally, labneh is a savory spread. To shake things up for anyone with a sweet tooth, other elements are added along with labneh-laden dishes to sprinkle a touch of sweetness. Spreading labneh on a slice of bread with a drizzle of honey and a dash of chopped hazelnuts on top – now, that’s a great breakfast idea!


I had fun tasting this chocolate, particularly because it is unique to me! Taking a step of faith to taste chocolate that is out of the ordinary is an enjoyable adventure.


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4 thoughts on “Yogurt, Honey and Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

  1. “Spreading labneh on a slice of bread with a drizzle of honey and a dash of chopped hazelnuts on top – now, that’s a great breakfast idea!” Oh, my! This is my kind of breakfast! I love honey and hazelnuts! With labneh, this sounds so dreamy!
    Another fun chocolate wanderlust post! Marrakech is one of the places where I could only dream of traveling to someday. The markets seems so fascinating and magical! And this time, as I am reading your post, I started craving chocolates again but this time I am ready! I am getting it now to take a bite to satisfy my craving! Thanks for another fun post!

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