Brown Sugar Milk Tea Egg Tarts at KFC

Just when the world (excluding people who’re continuing to devote their time to queuing) thought the brown sugar milk tea boba trend has fizzled a bit after being an astounding phenomenon in the tea world across the globe, KFC is reigniting the brown sugar boba‘s spark with their new, limited-period dessert. The brown sugar boba transcends languages and countries, and it looks like the fast food world is taking a bite out of this sweet treat.

Never in a million years would I ever imagine plotting a visit to KFC specifically to have dessert! Now to come to think of it, I’ve never had dessert at KFC before – or as long as I can remember – and that heightened my excitement of tasting their egg tart. Plus, it costs S$1.80 (US$1.30) per tart, which is pretty decent!


The story of egg tarts in Asia stems from History (which was one of my favorite subjects!). Egg tarts are originally from Portugal, and they’re known as pastel de nata in Portuguese. These little tarts expanded their presence during the colonial Portuguese era amongst its colonies. Presently, they’re found in many locations well beyond the former colonies. Egg tarts are considered as a ‘traditional’ delicacy here in Singapore, and they’re available at many local bakeries around the island. I absolutely love egg tarts, and I have vivid memories of savoring lovely egg tarts from bakeries when I was a child.


While it’s rather peculiar and well above borderline-quirky, the brown sugar milk tea tart looked delicious! The boba‘s signature brown sugar aroma graced the atmosphere with its presence well before opening the box of goodies. Piping hot and fresh out of the kitchen, the tarts reminded me of actual boba. I only had this boba once before (at Tiger Sugar in a previous post), and I recall the brown sugar pearls being hot while the milk tea part was cold. As egg tarts are supposed to be eaten hot, the two elements – boba pearls and egg tart – were matched perfectly.


This tart funnily reminds me of sushi – mainly because the boba‘s pearls had a reminiscence to fish eggs on top of sushi, like my favorite sushi selections in Brisbane. They look like plump beans too. The pearls aren’t as chewy as those in the drink itself, which is great as they’re easy to eat. The fragrant brown sugar mixture was both deliciously and mildly sweet, which I appreciated. Those pearls may look cute, but they were sliding off as I was biting into my tart. Although they were making a run for it, most of these pearls met their flavorful fate!


The tart is rather unique. As its custardy filling included milk tea, it was a medley of both mild milk tea and egg custard. After sinking my teeth into the pearls, I discovered that brown sugar pearls were baked into the tart too – right at the top.


The tart’s crust was flaky and the pastry’s thickness was just right. The milk tea and egg custard combo worked well in the soft and creamy custard filling, along with those brown sugar boba pearls. It wasn’t a traditional egg tart, but it was executed well in my opinion. It was a little experience that brought joy while tasting it!


Ordering chicken, cheesy fries and boba egg tarts at the same time is an experience I won’t forget!


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